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bridges, best Ubud restaurant, supports many festivals

You probably have heard about Ubud being the cultural and spiritual center of Bali or even the mecca for yoga and healing. In the past years, another genre of events has really begun to make its mark on our beautiful village’s cultural scene, namely the many interesting festivals that are taking place here. Here is a little overview:

Being a restaurant, we start with the food, of course!

Founded in 2015, the Ubud Food Festival offers three days full of exciting events from cooking demonstrations to master classes, special events, film screenings, food tours and much more. Indonesian food plays the key role and the festival showcases the archipelago’s amazing diversity in all things food and its rich culinary heritage.
While honoring the country’ culinary icons who have paved the way, the festival is also focusing on the rapidly changing foodie scene with its many new innovators—from food all the way to environmental solutions.
The festival creates a wonderful vibe in our hometown, attracting foodies from all over the world. bridges is a proud partner of the festival since its very beginning and has hosted special events from star chef dinners to wine master classes or Indonesian Rijsttafel lunches.
Whet your appetite and read more about the festival here:

The Ubud Village Jazz Festival first went live in 2013. The two-day festival is a haven for jazz lovers, taking place on the beautiful grounds of the ARMA Museum and offering a diversity of jazz forms and a wonderful mix of talented Indonesian and international musicians. In addition to the concerts, the festival includes workshops with local and international music educators and promotes including new talents and music students.
bridges has been a partner since the first year and—as part of the official festival program—has welcomed great musicians from all over the world for lunch or dinner concerts that have become a fixture on music lovers calendars.
Read more about the festival that aims to put a smile on your face here:

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival is the mother of festivals in Ubud.
From the humble beginnings in 2004, it has evolved into one of the world’s most celebrated literary events and has effectively put Ubud on the literary map and promoted Indonesian writers who were little known before.
Five days packed with in-conversations, debates, workshops, book launches, special events, kitchen program and music and art performances, this event gets Ubud humming with authors, artists and visitors from all over the world. bridges has been a partner since 2011, welcoming inspiring writers to sold-out special events ever since.
Read more here:

Although not technically a festival, we feel that TedxUbud needs to be included in our overview. Created in the spirit of TED’s mission of ‘ideas worth spreading’, the program is designed to give communities, organisations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through a TED-like experience at the local level.
Founded in 2011, the always quickly sold-out one-day event brings together change-makers, innovators, social pioneers and artists for an inspiring schedule of talks, performances and interaction of great ideas. Find out more here:

Bali Vegan Festival was established in 2015 with the aim to inspire visitors to choose a compassionate, ethical and healthy lifestyle through plant-based eating. The festival offers talks, community discussions, cooking classes, live music, yoga and dance and takes place both in Ubud as well as in Canggu.
Find out more here:

Last but not least, the Bali Spirit Festival. The goal of the 2008 founded festival is to awaken and nourish positive change, to contribute positively to the ecological health, cultural vibrancy and overall vitality of Bali and Indonesia.
The festival program offers over 300 workshops to discover a wide spectrum of yoga traditions, meditation, kirtan, sound healing, breathwork, bodywork and much more along with world-renowned teachers and experts. The evenings are filled with music and dance performances. Read more about the celebration of richness of culture, sanctity of environment and harmony between people and nations here:

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Music & bridges, A Very Good Mix

Music plays an important role at bridges. Over the years, we have hosted many concerts at the restaurant, from early on together with the Bali Spirit Festival and since six years with the Ubud Village Jazz Festival of which are a proud sponsor since the very beginning.  Last but not least, the Christmas Caroling event has become a cherished tradition as well!

The restaurant offers a good setting for music performances, giving an up close and personal experience and at the same time allowing for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

Two of the weekly events in the DIVINE bar also offer live music. While guests sit back and sip the weekly varying mixes during the Cocktail Wednesdays, they are entertained by the talented guitarist and singer Bambang Meidianto and his smoky voice.  If you have a favourite song, our bet is that Bambang can sing it for you and has you tapping your feet in no time at all.

During the DIVINE Fridays the stage is all Pak Tatang’s. You can see how the guitar and the player become one, this mantruly loves his instrument. Tatang’s repertoire is very wide, from pop to classical guitar and he has quite a loyal following among our guests.  When at bridges next time on a Friday, do not miss his wonderful performance while testing the five wines that are opened every week!

Every day, not just at special events, music will accompany your visit from the opening to the closing. We start with classical music for lunch, moving on to a more relaxed mix during the afternoon. When it gets time for those pre-dinner drinks, the beat goes up a notch before smoothly changing into beautiful jazz to enhance your dinner.

So, in ABBA’s words, we say Thank you for the music!

bridges, best Ubud restaurant, supports many festivals
Music & bridges, A Very Good Mix