Music & bridges, A Very Good Mix

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Music plays an important role at bridges. Over the years, we have hosted many concerts at the restaurant, from early on together with the Bali Spirit Festival and since six years with the Ubud Village Jazz Festival of which are a proud sponsor since the very beginning.  Last but not least, the Christmas Caroling event has become a cherished tradition as well!

The restaurant offers a good setting for music performances, giving an up close and personal experience and at the same time allowing for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

Two of the weekly events in the DIVINE bar also offer live music. While guests sit back and sip the weekly varying mixes during the Cocktail Wednesdays, they are entertained by the talented guitarist and singer Bambang Meidianto and his smoky voice.  If you have a favourite song, our bet is that Bambang can sing it for you and has you tapping your feet in no time at all.

During the DIVINE Fridays the stage is all Pak Tatang’s. You can see how the guitar and the player become one, this mantruly loves his instrument. Tatang’s repertoire is very wide, from pop to classical guitar and he has quite a loyal following among our guests.  When at bridges next time on a Friday, do not miss his wonderful performance while testing the five wines that are opened every week!

Every day, not just at special events, music will accompany your visit from the opening to the closing. We start with classical music for lunch, moving on to a more relaxed mix during the afternoon. When it gets time for those pre-dinner drinks, the beat goes up a notch before smoothly changing into beautiful jazz to enhance your dinner.

So, in ABBA’s words, we say Thank you for the music!

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Music & bridges, A Very Good Mix