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The guitar is an orchestra in itself – Ludwig van Beethoven

Since its launch in 2013, DIVINE Friday quickly became a favourite meeting point for Ubudians and visitors alike to kick off the weekend. Along with the weekly changing themed wines, fabulous cocktails and delicious complimentary canapés, Pak Tatang’s guitar music beautifully rounds up the event.

Tatang Nofrizal or Pak Tatang loves classical guitar music and has been playing since his early childhood. The talented musician seems to become one with his instrument and you can literally feel his love for it. He has been playing at our weekly DIVINE Friday event for quite some time now and also has performed at our other events. We had a little chat with the quiet and humble man:

Where do you come from and how did you get started with playing the guitar?

I was born in 1964 in Jakarta and was raised between Jakarta and Sumatera. I was around 11 years old when I started to learn to play guitar. Since then, the instrument and me have not been separated!

What inspires you to keep performing as guitarist?

There is not a particular thing that I can nominate. Playing guitar is what I love and what I am good at.

Who are your favourites?
I like Andi Williams, Julian Breem, Queen and John Denver.

You have been been playing at bridges for quite some time, you must know the menu very well. What is your favourite food?

I love fish dishes and especially bridges’ Barramundi, always a good combination.

If you enjoy acoustic guitar music, make sure to drop by in the DIVINE bar on a Friday, from 6-9pm. Kick back, sip on your favourite drink and enjoy the amazing atmosphere. If you have a favourite song, Pak Tatang will be happy to play it for you, too.

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Music & bridges, A Very Good Mix

Music plays an important role at bridges. Over the years, we have hosted many concerts at the restaurant, from early on together with the Bali Spirit Festival and since six years with the Ubud Village Jazz Festival of which are a proud sponsor since the very beginning.  Last but not least, the Christmas Caroling event has become a cherished tradition as well!

The restaurant offers a good setting for music performances, giving an up close and personal experience and at the same time allowing for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

Two of the weekly events in the DIVINE bar also offer live music. While guests sit back and sip the weekly varying mixes during the Cocktail Wednesdays, they are entertained by the talented guitarist and singer Bambang Meidianto and his smoky voice.  If you have a favourite song, our bet is that Bambang can sing it for you and has you tapping your feet in no time at all.

During the DIVINE Fridays the stage is all Pak Tatang’s. You can see how the guitar and the player become one, this mantruly loves his instrument. Tatang’s repertoire is very wide, from pop to classical guitar and he has quite a loyal following among our guests.  When at bridges next time on a Friday, do not miss his wonderful performance while testing the five wines that are opened every week!

Every day, not just at special events, music will accompany your visit from the opening to the closing. We start with classical music for lunch, moving on to a more relaxed mix during the afternoon. When it gets time for those pre-dinner drinks, the beat goes up a notch before smoothly changing into beautiful jazz to enhance your dinner.

So, in ABBA’s words, we say Thank you for the music!

The guitar is an orchestra in itself – Ludwig van Beethoven
Music & bridges, A Very Good Mix