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Meet team members of bridges, a must-visit Ubud restaurant

Our affection for a place and its happy associations is reflected in the care we show to the people around us. Ni Wayan Anik Ariyanti or Yanti, one of our senior staff, proves this by the exceptional service she offers our guests. Now in her 9th year working at bridges she states, “So far, so great!”

Born in Kedewatan on 29 August 1991, Yanti is very familiar with the hospitality industry since her father and mother both work in this field. Her father even had the opportunity to study in San Diego, California and left little Yanti for about six months while he was abroad. Her encounter with bridges began when a colleague told her that a new restaurant about to open in Campuhan was looking for a waitress. She applied and was accepted as a pre-opening waitress.

Asked what she loved so much about working at bridges, she replied while smiling warmly that the team was like a family and she also loved the view. During the night shift, after helping the team with closing procedures, she likes to gaze at the serene jungle and the old bridge that can be seen above the balcony area. She’s convinced that bridges’ relaxing ambiance is like nothing else in Ubud.

Yanti states that bridges is the best place to work since bridges’ management values its staff highly. All staff are given room for self-development and receive regular training for food, wine, product knowledge and customer service. She always feels up-to-date with hospitality knowledge which is one of the reasons that bridges is among Ubud’s most outstanding restaurants.

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Meet team members of bridges, a must-visit Bali restaurant

Made Beni Antara, or Beni, was born in Tampak Siring on 6 June 1996 and is the youngest of six siblings. He joined bridges in 2016 as a Day Cleaner; he worked in the mornings, and became a Bartending School student in the evenings.

He joined our Bartender team in order to obtain credit for the mandatory training programme at his school, while continuing to work as a Day Cleaner throughout the day. During the three month training period, Putra our Bar Manager saw that Beni had great potential. However, a Bartender position was not available at the time Beni finished his training period at bridges and he continued to work as a Cleaner.

In mid-2018 a Bartender position opened up, Beni applied for it and of course he was accepted due to his talent, perseverance and drive! Since then he has demonstrated his passion for Bartending, continuing to advance and improve himself.

When asked for his favourite cocktail at bridges, he without hesitation named the Apricot Sour. His favourite liquor is Baileys Irish Cream. During his spare time, he prefers thrilling and adrenaline-inducing activities such as trekking and rock-climbing. He enjoys working at bridges and loves the team-work and team-building as well as the leadership.

If you would like to meet him or try one of our cocktails made by him, Beni is available either at our main bar next to the wine shop or at our gorgeous DIVINE wine and cocktail bar. See you there!

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Service that comes from the heart

Meet Ni Wayan Eka Yuliani, our Restaurant Manager. For Eka—as she likes to be called—keeping guests happy is more than merely following a set of rules; the Standard Operational Procedure would not mean much without the heart. She firmly believes that by putting our hearts in everything we do will make our guests feel that they will be well taken care of. Of course, it is important for her and her team to be knowledgeable and confident about what we offer, to be attentive of the smallest detail and to be an active listener. She promotes this principle by leading with example and providing heartfelt service. No wonder our guests love her and are amazed at how she remembers their names even after a very long time.

Eka joined bridges in 2011 as a waitress. Inspired by her father—who she describes as her idol and who taught her the value of hard work and having the right attitude—, she sees working at bridges as a chance to learn and expand her knowledge in hospitality industry. Her dedication did not go unnoticed, after being voted Employee of the Month she was promoted to Junior Front of House Supervisor in 2013, to Senior Front of House supervisor early 2017, and finally to her current position as Restaurant Manager in November 2018.

In her free time the mother of two boys loves to spend time in nature, exploring the less beaten tracks. Asked about her favourite dishes at bridges, she picked Soy-braised wagyu and Chocolate-espresso lava cake.

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The guitar is an orchestra in itself – Ludwig van Beethoven

Since its launch in 2013, DIVINE Friday quickly became a favourite meeting point for Ubudians and visitors alike to kick off the weekend. Along with the weekly changing themed wines, fabulous cocktails and delicious complimentary canapés, Pak Tatang’s guitar music beautifully rounds up the event.

Tatang Nofrizal or Pak Tatang loves classical guitar music and has been playing since his early childhood. The talented musician seems to become one with his instrument and you can literally feel his love for it. He has been playing at our weekly DIVINE Friday event for quite some time now and also has performed at our other events. We had a little chat with the quiet and humble man:

Where do you come from and how did you get started with playing the guitar?

I was born in 1964 in Jakarta and was raised between Jakarta and Sumatera. I was around 11 years old when I started to learn to play guitar. Since then, the instrument and me have not been separated!

What inspires you to keep performing as guitarist?

There is not a particular thing that I can nominate. Playing guitar is what I love and what I am good at.

Who are your favourites?
I like Andi Williams, Julian Breem, Queen and John Denver.

You have been been playing at bridges for quite some time, you must know the menu very well. What is your favourite food?

I love fish dishes and especially bridges’ Barramundi, always a good combination.

If you enjoy acoustic guitar music, make sure to drop by in the DIVINE bar on a Friday, from 6-9pm. Kick back, sip on your favourite drink and enjoy the amazing atmosphere. If you have a favourite song, Pak Tatang will be happy to play it for you, too.

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Meet Sous-Chef Kadek Singgasana

Kadek has travelled the world as he sailed the seas with several cruise ships for over nine years. The Real Madrid lover has been with us since 2015 and is highly appreciated by the whole team. Find out what motives him and what his challenges are.  

What inspires and motivates you as a chef?
I have a passion for everything culinary. I love the challenge of creating and researching for new menu items. Seeing guests happy and enjoying the food that I have prepared gives me great satisfaction.

Where have you worked before you set anchor at bridges?
After graduating from the Culinary School, I was a trainee in Ritz-Carlton in Jimbaran. After that, I worked on cruise ships from 2005 to 2014 in many different departments, widening my experience. Before joining bridges, I worked in Kuta.

What is your biggest challenge as sous-chef at bridges?
One of my first challenges was to learn each team member’s character as we work with people of various backgrounds in our kitchen. Knowing your team is important and helps transfer knowledge among all of us.  The team here is very helpful and eager to learn. Besides that, they also make a very solid group—one team, one goal. Another challenge that I face is having a broad understandings of every element on our menu. Luckily, I have a very good memory!

What are your favourite dishes at bridges?
This is a tough question. I love all the dishes, each of them having its own characteristics. But, if you insist, I would choose Thai-Inspired Barramundi and Chilled Sambuca-Poached Pear.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I liked to go on Instagram and look for the latest food trends. I also like be in the nature and truly love Bali’s rice terraces. And watching a game of football is a hobby of mine as well.

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Meet team members of bridges, a must-visit Ubud restaurant
Meet team members of bridges, a must-visit Bali restaurant
Service that comes from the heart
The guitar is an orchestra in itself – Ludwig van Beethoven
Meet Sous-Chef Kadek Singgasana