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After a delicious lunch at bridges, take an afternoon stroll through Ubud village, or venture a little further out to Ubud’s surround before heading back to your hotel.

Here are our picks of places to explore around our magical little village:

  • Tjampuhan Ridge Walk
    Tjampuhan Ridge Walk, or the locals call it Bukit Cinta, translates as the Love Hill and is an excellent place for a walk, jog, or even a picnic. Set amidst Ubud’s lush jungle and trees, the entrance to this walk is only 100 meters from our restaurant. There is not a lot of shade during the day, so we suggest heading out early morning or visiting later in the day. The sheer beauty of this walk makes it our number one pick.
  • Pura Gunung Lebah
    This is one of the oldest temples in Bali, nestled just on the foothills of Tjampuhan Ridge Walk. Built around the 8th century, the magic of this temple is enhanced by the Wos river flowing just below it. Make sure you wear a sarong and appropriate shirt when you to visit this sacred place.
  • Tegallalang Rice Fields
    Did you know that the Subak system is on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list? The Subak is Bali’s traditional irrigation channels which weave across the island. The scale of the Tegallalang rice terraces makes it unique, and it is a mesmerising to place to visit only 30 minutes away from bridges by car.
  • Ubud Market
    Art pieces, hand-crafted items, cute keychains, unique-patterned Balinese dresses, as well as colourful tropical fruits are all available in Ubud’s largest market. Located just a few minutes from bridges, you can either walk up after a fulfilling lunch or ask our team to assist you to find a taxi to Ubud market.
  • Monkey Forest Ubud
    There are a few sites where you can see monkeys on the island but what makes Ubud’s Monkey Forest famous is the lush green jungle that surrounds an ancient sacred temple. This enchanting place is only about 2.5km away from bridges.
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