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Mei, or Putu Ayu Meilani, joined bridges in 2016 as Sales and Marketing Support. Handling her tasks with great efficiency, she was soon given the responsibility for event coordination as well, and when the position for Marketing and Communication responsible opened up, Mei was the ideal candidate for it. We had a little chat with the busy woman, read below how Mei feels about her new role.

Why did you choose marketing?
I joined marketing to challenge myself and also see it as a way to improve myself. I have always enjoyed working in the hospitality industry as such, and have been able to widen my experience here at bridges.

What do you enjoy most in your new role?
I like being around people and to engage with them, sharing and exchanging knowledge, and here at bridges, I get to meet new people from in- and outside of Bali. I also value being part of an engaged team. It is fun to manage social media and create and write content. It keeps my mind active and creative.

What are your biggest challenges?
English is not my mother tongue and I still have limited vocabulary, so finding the right words and expressions for bridges’ newsletter can be quite challenging. However, I get great support from bridges’ management team that helps me patiently with editing. I am learning more English by reading books, novels, magazines, and papers during my free time and listen to my favourite podcasts to help me improve my listening skills.

What is your favourite dish at bridges?
I love ALL of bridges’ cuisine. This is not a biased opinion just because I work here. But, our chefs truly work very well to create tasty food! If I would have to pick, I would choose Crusted Zucchini Blossoms and Slow-Cooked Spring Chicken. One plate is not enough!

What is your motto?
I have many mottos, but the favourite is “no pain, no gain”. It means a lot to me as a reminder that if we target a goal, we should learn to fight for it in order to achieve it. Even if on the way there are several struggles to face. This is part of the process and we should embrace it instead of surrendering. You might return to starting point countless times, but eventually you will climb up and reach the peak.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I spend my free time visiting new places, learning new things like crafting hand-made jewellery, trying new recipes for cooking and baking as well as reading books or maybe going to a cinema to see the latest movies. As a Balinese, I often help my mother and aunt to create offerings for a ceremony

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bridges is honoured to receive the prestigious Indonesia Tatler Best Restaurant 2018 award again this year. We have a wonderful team and it is thanks to each and every member of it that we are able to keep delivering the high level of service we are known for.

Indonesia Tatler Magazine is Indonesia’s leading magazine showcasing all things luxury in a wide range of topics, from design, arts, high-end fashion, watches and jewellery, travel, beauty to etiquette and more.

The magazine, print and online, features latest lifestyle trends, world’s leading luxury brands, trendsetters, glamorous soirees, and is regarded as the one-stop lifestyle platform with daily updates on everything luxury. An interesting addition was the Indonesia Tatler Dining, theonline fine dining guide.

Being listed as one of the best restaurants for several years in a row is a wonderful sign of appreciation for the hard work and constantly high level of service bridges’ team keeps delivering. Our guests can rest assured that we intend to keep this standard for a very long time to come. If your would like to experience our hospitality, please reserve your table here.

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Meet our Beverage Manager, I Nengah Putra


Our guests love the wide range of cocktails on the menu. And no wonder, we have a very skilled and creative bar team under the command of Bar Supervisor I Nengah Putra. He and the team just love to make guests happy and fulfill all possible wishes. The father of one son answered some of our questions about his passion.

How did you discover your passion for cocktail creation and where did you learn it?
After graduating from Tourism School in Karangasem – where I come from – I started my career as a waiter in a villa in Ubud. Being involved in the food and beverage service woke my interest in cocktails and I found mixing cocktails so much fun. I started experimenting with many spirits and combined them with local fruits to find the best taste. The opportunity came when bridges did their re-branding in 2009 and looked for a bar leader.

You joined bridges at the re-opening, what was your mission?
My mission was to make bridges not only known as the place with the best wines – we have a very extensive wine list and a great wine loft – but also the place to enjoy cocktails. Beside the classics that we have on the list, me and the bar team continuously develop unique cocktails, be it for a special event, a season or just to keep our list always interesting, offering discoveries that can be found only at bridges. We experiment with many flavours from ingredients that we have on this beautiful island of Bali to create special character. Guests will find this for example in Rosela Aviation and Divine Mojito.

What is the biggest challenge?
The main challenge is to always serve the best cocktails without compromising on ingredients. In the spirit industry, the prices of spirits are continuously on the move upwards. Instead of using ‘fake’ spirits that are on offer plentiful, I try many different brands to find alternatives that meet our quality standard and have the ideal taste.

What do you love most about bridges?
Like I said before, I have been here since the beginning and have experienced its growth to this amazing place to be proud of. The feeling is a little similar to seeing our children grow. I love to work with the team, they are cooperative and support me as their leader which I am very grateful for.

For this year’s Month of Romance, you are introducing two new Romantic cocktails, Love Potion and Bridges Romance. Could you tell us the inspiration for them?
Love makes our lives colorful. Sometimes it is sweet, another time bitter or sour, but at the end of the day, we believe that all of that makes it even sweeter. That is my inspiration. You will taste the sweet, sour, and a little bit of bitter in the cocktails, but the sweet will be the after-taste, especially on the Love Potion.

You are also involved in wine service at bridges. What is your favorite wine?
Yes, I have gained a lot of knowledge about wines since I work here. I am so grateful to be able to work with the sommelier and learn so much about the world of wine through discussions and tastings. My favorites are full-bodied wines like Syrah and Malbec.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love football and Real Madrid is my favorite team. I watch the games and I love to play with my friends.

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Chatting with Antoine, our sommelier, about wine, yoga and Masterclasses . . .

We were chatting with our sommelier Antoine about the wine tasting Masterclasses he hosts every Friday in bridges’ wine cellar. This popular event presents a new theme every week and guests get to taste five different wines each time. Since the beginning almost two years ago he has presented an impressive number of themes and the best liked so far were the Full-bodied love’ and Original white wines. Given that the DIVINE wine cellar is home to over 330 labels from all major wine growing regions he is not afraid of running out of themes any time soon, though.

Most of the guests are wine lovers, people who know how to enjoy the good things in life. They are happy to ask questions and to share their experiences. Antoine also remarks that wine and yoga seem to go well together. After all, we are in Ubud, the yoga center of the world and the typical guest is not only a wine lover but a yoga lover as well. From this we follow that wine is a part of a healthy life style…of course when consumed with appreciation and moderation!

Antoine finds it interesting to observe the influence of culture and experience of the guests in their reactions to wine. This diversity makes the event so interesting for him as he is constantly learning from how people judge or react to a certain wine, depending on their own background. For example, the reaction of an Italian or an Australian to Pinot gris tends to strongly vary as this grape brings very different results in each country.

In the beginning, being a Frenchman, he used feel a little self conscious when doing a Masterclass on Australian wines to a fully Australian audience, explaining to them about their own wines in his ‘funny’ French accent. But he has grown more confident in this area as well and has learned to highly appreciate the New World wines. But still, it is only natural that for him, the son of a winemaker, it feels the easiest when talking about wines from his home country. These ‘French’ Masterclasses also tend to last a bit longer than the regular one hour as there is so much more to the workings of French wines as in other countries and the participants are eager to find out about that.

bridges’ commitment to all things wine has not gone unnoticed – the restaurant has repeatedly received the coveted Wine Spectator Award.

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Meet our Head Chef, Wayan Sukarta

Wayan was born in Tampaksiring to a family of cooks where recipes were passed from one generation to the next. Therefore, Wayan’s decision to become a cook himself was not a big surprise. He is always eager to learn, to create something new and to make experiments. His passion for his métier and for bridges shows on your plate!

After his studies, he went abroad and gained experience by working in Kuwait, the Seychelles, Miami as well as on cruise ships and in well-known restaurants in Bali. Wayan joined bridges in 2014 and was promoted to Head Chef in May 2015. This position was a welcome challenge to him and he is eager to be a good example for his team. Obviously, he is doing a good job about it as he is well loved and respected by everyone.

Wayan likes to spend his free time out in the nature, gardening, growing vegetables, taking care of his pets and being with his family. He and his wife are expecting their second child very shortly. He also likes to do sports.

By the way, his favourite dish from our current menu is the Lamb Trio, three delicious variations of lamb, giving an interesting bouquet of tastes.

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Meet our Beverage Manager, I Nengah Putra
Chatting with Antoine, our sommelier, about wine, yoga and Masterclasses . . .
Meet our Head Chef, Wayan Sukarta