Testimonials from Our Guests

Wow! Thank you so much, Juliastra, for a fantastic welcome and showing us around your beautiful restaurant. Lunch was great. We will visit again!
Dee, UK | 18 March 2020

The most amazing meal, service, and view experience we have had. We will be recommending bridges to everyone. Thank you so much.
Poppy, UK | 15 March 2020

The food and service was amazing!! Thank you for everything. 5 STAR SERVICE!
Philip, USA | 14 March 2020

bridges exceeded our expectations! With gorgeous ambiance, view and amazing staff. The delicious menu was just an added bonus. We were pleasantly surprised at how our dinner tasted. Perfection. Thank you bridges for a night to remember!
Irfan, USA | 14 March 2020

We had a great time at bridges. Amazing food, amazing service, and amazing outlook. Just a perfect night.
Frank | 12 March 2020

Thank you for your amazing hospitality and excellent experience! We really enjoyed our night. Unforgettable experience! Best service ever!
Iris, Findland | 12 March 2020

“Wonderful service. The food was amazing and bridges was such a beautiful setting. 10/10. Both exceeded expectations. Wonderful food and service.
Amy and Matt Halcrow, NZ.”
Amy and Matt, New Zealand | 10 March 2020

Thank you for a lovely evening as well as excellent food and service.
Beverley | 8 March 2020

Thank you for the service. We felt very welcome. The staff was the best part; they were friendly and attentive. The atmosphere was great as well.
Aski | 5 March 2020

We had a fantastic evening. The ambiance, food, wine, cocktails and the service were excellent. We will definitely recommend this restaurant to our friends and family. Thank you.
Nick, UK | 4 March 2020

Most wonderful experience. Superb location, fantastic food, outstanding service. Thank you.
Charlie | 29 February 2020

Fantastic experience. Our waiter was phenomenal. Food and service was great. Would definitely like to come again next time we are in Ubud.
Tom, UK | 25 February 2020

Lovely experience with great food & great service.
Brea, AUS | 14 February 2020

“Absolutely wonderful evening with outstanding food and terrific service. Thank you.”
Myrella, Australia | 10 February 2020

Thank you for the amazing food and service. The best restaurant visit in a long time! Cheers from Denmark.
– Denmark | 8 February 2020

Exceptional service. Food was great with beautiful presentation.
Lauren, Canada | 5 February 2020

Amazing. Both the food & service were first class. We will definitely be back here again and recommend to our friends. Good job bridges.
Urid, Canada | 4 February 2020

Thank you bridges. Once again your staff has delivered a high level service to provide a memorable dining experience. Will be back! Matt & Kara
Matt, Australia | 4 February 2020

Best meal we have had in a long time. Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon surprise ūüôā All compliments go to the service as well. Toni and Ivana, Croatia.
Ivana, Croatia | 3 February 2020

We had a great drink and meal. What a beautiful view! Thanks!
Sarah, Lindsay, and Jenny, USA | 2 February 2020

Wait staff are phenomenal. Great knowledge of menu and very friendly. The food was amazing! Thank you. Will recommend bridges.
– Australia | 2 February 2020

We dined at bridges restaurant in Ubud for our wedding anniversary. What an amazing experience. The food was amazing. The service, the wine & cocktails were exceptional. The view was amazing. Could not recommend highly enough.
Greg & Roxy, South Africa | 30 January 2020

The crusted zuchinni dish is the best meal we have ever had ūüôā This is our second time here & we will be back. Thank you for the exceptional service!
Ally & Nicholas, Canada | 27 January 2020

Keep up the good work with jazz music. It makes the jungle have better atmosphere and more romantic.
Juan, Spain | 25 January 2020

bridges is an amazing place. The location is spectacular. Most importantly, the food was superb and so was the service, Adi the waiter took great care of us. If we are back in Ubud, we will come back for sure.
Noelia, Spain |17 January 2020

Fantastic steak, great service, awesome combination and flavour. The pork was very nice. The combination of tastes was absolutely amazing. 5 star quality.
Langtril, South Africa | 15 January 2020

We had a wonderful experience at your restaurant. We had no idea how amazing the food would be. We came for the view and the setting and were tantalized by the Tasting Menu. Compliments to the Chef! Bec and Michael.
Bec, Australia | 10 January 2020

A wonderful dining experience. First time to bridges and will be back. What we liked are the atmosphere, quality of food, presentation of food, professional service, and reasonably priced menu.
Mark & Beth, Australia | 6 January 2020

I am very pleased! It is a nice place and the music is good. Meal is very tasty. Service is great as well! Thanks!
Natasha, Ukraine | 6 January 2020

We dined at bridges restaurant in Ubud for our wedding anniversary. What an amazing experience. The food was amazing. The service, the wine and cocktails were exceptional. The view was amazing. Could not recommend highly enough.
Kerry, Australia | 4 January 2020

The service and food were excellent. Thank you for the honeymoon extra touches. It made our last night in Bali memorable.
Pega, USA | 3 January 2020

Thank you for a truly amazing evening. You exceeded our expectations. Service was exceptional and the food was the best meal we have ever had. We had the crusted zucchini and ravioli. Wine pairings were excellent. My husband and I will be back in Ubud at the end of the month. We will absolutely be back. Thank you for accommodating us being vegan as well.
Ally, Canada | 3 January 2020

We enjoyed a lovely evening for our engagement meal. The food was fantastic, staff was extremely attentive in a beautiful, romantic, and candle lit jungle setting. Thank you so much for making our trip to Bali so special.
Swann, UK | 3 January 2020

Food is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful surroundings and staff are amazing. Couldn’t fault anything! Stay well presented. Thank you very much! Sophie & Daniel
Sophie, England | 2 January 2020

Great all round. Food was delicious!
Ella, England | 28 December 2019

bridges was absolutely wonderful. Very warm and helpful service with an unforgettable view! The food was gorgeous and full of flavor. The experience was divine!
Lindsay, USA | 26 December 2019

Thank you for making Christmas dinner so special and memorable. All of your staff were incredibly warm and professional.
Darren, Australia | 25 December 2019

The restaurant is very good. We are sastisfied with the the service and also with the food.
Phaysa and Luc, Brazil | 23 December 2019

We were really satisfied. Nice to meet this place. Friendly staff and nice atmosphere. Trully liked everything.
Andres, Spain | 7 December 2019

Every dish we had was 5 star. Awesome! Will be back soon!
Jeanne, Indonesia | 7 December 2019

Everything is excellent. The food, music, service and staff are outstanding. This is the best restaurant we have tried in Bali and look forward to come again each time we come to Bali. Thank you ūüôā
Zaid, Jordan | 3 December 2019

Everything was delicious and the service was very fantastic! We were celebrating our recent marriage and the staff went above and beyond to help celebrate.
Juliana, USA | 1 December 2019

The staff were fantastic, very attentive and thoughtful. The food was amazing and very well-presented. I would recommend bridges and visit again.
Jess, England | 1 December 2019

Delicious! Amazing food! Beautiful view, nice and kind personel as well as cozy atmosphere. A little paradise in the middle of Ubud.
Natalia, Switzerland | 1 December 2019

“From the beginning until the end, everything was perfect. An amazing venue, delicious food and attentive staff.”
Kaitlin, Australia | 29 November 2019

“We had our anniversary dinner here. The food and service were amazing. The staff also surprised us with an anniversary dessert. So cute! We will be back again. The mood and vibe were perfect. Thank you!”
Danni, Australia | 28 November 2019

“The view from the terrace was spectacular and watching the squirrels were very entertaining. The complimentary sweets at the end of the meal were delicious and were much appreciated.”
Kerry, Australia | 28 November 2019

“Wonderful service with very friendly staff. The food was 10/10 and we would definitely come back. Thank you for having us!”
Vanessa, Australia | 26 November 2019

“Perfect food, service and environment. We will come back for sure!”
Terrier, France | 26 November 2019

“Nice cocktails, delicious food and perfect service! Thanks to the very nice staff and team.”
Pale, Austria | 23 November 2019

“Amazing food. The service was top quality and perfect. Above and beyond our expectations. We will be back. Thank you for making our experience so beautiful.”
Brenda, Australia | 18 November 2019

“The most beautiful food we have had in Bali and fantastically friendly service. We would highly recommend bridges.”
Donna and David, Australia | 18 November 2019

“Wonderful birthday celebration at bridges. Great food and great service. Being right in the city but yet in an exquisite natural setting was very special. A perfect Ubud day.”
Patricia, USA | 13 November 2019

“Our absolute favorite place to eat in the whole world! The food was beyond incredible, drinks to die for and service like no other. Thankyou for another incredible memory!”
Zoe, Australia | 1 November 2019

“Excellent service & the chef is genius.”
Jo, Australia | 27 October 2019

“As usual, amazing food and service. We love bridges. As always we will be back.”
Cathy, Indonesia | 24 October 2019

“Food and staff were both fantastic.”
Simon, Australia | 24 October 2019

“It was a very sophisticated experience, excellent menu, service and ambiance.”
Collette, England | 24 October 2019

“Outstanding courses, very kind service, and special atmosphere. We enjoyed it very much. Thank you!”
Sandra and Dirk, Germany | 24 October 2019

“The food and service was exceptional. Thank you for making our honeymoon extra special.”
Nigel, United Kingdom | 18 October 2019

“Delicious food and wine selection. My husband and I were so happy to have dined at bridges for our honeymoon dinner. Impeccable service, friendly staff and amazing ambiance!”
Jacqueline, USA | 12 October 2019

“We really enjoyed the food. Very nicely done and very tasteful. bridges was recommended by my daughter and now I will recommend it to someone else. Excellent service. Very good staff.”
Hitesh, England | 11 October 2019

“The meal was the most perfect way to celebrate our honeymoon. From the moment we arrived, we were treated with utmost kindness. The cocktails in the bar were also great and the Tasting Menu with wine pairing was absolutely superb. Thank you!”
Meghan, USA | 10 October 2019

“Very nice, very professional service as well as superb food. Thank you.”
Ambros, Germany | 10 October 2019

“Lovely service and friendly staff. Beautiful food, lovely and complex flavours as well as exquisitely presented. We will be back when we visit again.”
Pam, Australia | 27 September 2019

“Meal is above expectation. bridges was an amazing experience. The ambience was perfect to celebrate our last night in Ubud for our honeymoon. Besides the food being exceptional, what really stood out was the service. Every request was ensured and the staff was incredibly attentive and happy. Thank you for a perfect evening.”
The Smalls, United State of America | 24 September 2019

“Delicious food, nicely decorated, great service, inspiring and creative composition of meals.”
Regina and Hana, Germany | 22 September 2019

“Best meal and experience we have had and we are all the way from New York City. Thank you! We will remember this always.”
Kaitlyn, United State of America | 15 September 2019

“Absolutely amazing Tasting Menu. We thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. We also loved the beautiful view on the verandah. Would totally recommend a visit to bridges. Impeccable service too.”
Lara and Mark, Australia | 13 September 2019

“Beautiful food, excellent service and wonderful ambience. We really enjoyed the experience and will highly recommend bridges to other. Thank you.”
Sarah and Davis, England | 12 September 2019

“This is the most thoughtful, calling, and nurturing restaurant I have ever been to. Absolutely the best. The staff were so kind and thoughtfully accommodating. Thank you.”
Sarah, United State of America | 10 September 2019

“Absolutely amazing! 5 stars, 10/10! Perfect views, the nicest staff and the tastiest food. Thank you so much for making our last night in Ubud very special. Everything was wonderful.”
Bianca, Scotland | 08 September 2019

“The best service and food we had in Ubud, Bali. The staff was so attentive and the food was incredible. We enjoyed here and it couldn’t have been more amazing. Thank you so much! The best restaurant ever!”
Jess, United Kingdom | 07 September 2019

“Wonderful service, quality ingredients and delicious food. The ambiance and service was excellent. They made our dining experience even more special. Thank you.”
Merrin, United State of America | 22 August 2019

“The food is always first class. Still a very creative menu. The staff are the most attentive, professional and friendly. We love bridges. It’s our favourite restaurant in Bali and even in Perth, Australia. Thank you.”
Margaret, Australia | 21 August 2019

“Service was amazing, food was exceptional and the staff are incredible! Cannot fault the service or facilities you have here, all the staff clearly enjoy what they do! Thank You from England!”
Lauren, United Kingdom | 19 August 2019

bridges is a very nice establishment with delicious food and outstanding service. Everyone is so nice and attentive. We were also able to sit earlier than our reservation, which was an accomodation we truly appreciated. We would definitely come back and recommend to others visiting Ubud! Thank you.”
Matthew, United State of America | 18 August 2019

“We had a great fine dining experience at bridges Bali. The food was great and the service was exceptional. The waiters and waitress of bridges Bali are what I expect from a fine dining restaurant. Also, thank you for the table you provided us, my wife loved that we had a corner table with a view.”
Romain, Belgium | 11 August 2019

“Fantastic service, friendly and attentive staff. Delicious food, perfect wine pairing, thank you for the great dining experience, and especially for your small gesture for my mum’s birthday. Definitely coming back!”
Katharina , United Arab Emirates | 06 August 2019

“Staff were amazing – very attentive and lovely. The special honeymoon complimentary Chocolate Truffle was a nice touch and we had the best seats in the house at such short notice. Great.”
Thomas, United Kingdom | 05 August 2019

bridges is fantastic. The food is excellent, fine dining perfection. Service is very good, very professional and friendly. The ambience is relaxed and beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”
Neassa, Ireland | 04 August 2019

“This was our second visit to bridges, each time we talk away a special memory of beautiful food, wine, service of course the beautiful restaurant in the breathtaking scenery. Thank you we will be back.”
Adrianan, Australia | 31 July 2019

“One of the best restaurants I’ve visited in all my life time. Thank you very much. We’ll see you again.”
Raberto, Spain | 28 July 2019

“Beautiful service and beautiful food. Thank you for your 5-star hospitality. Love from two Australians.”
Britanny, Australia | 26 July 2019

“Dinner tonight was amazing. The food was fast, high quality and delicious. The palate cleansers and patte where a welcomed surprise. Thank you so much for 20th anniversary dessert surprise, it was an emotional highlight and made us fall in love with the restaurant. I would give this meal all the stars in the world. Sangani Family.”
Sangani, United States of America | 23 July 2019

“We had a wonderful dinner! The cheese-platter, the wines and the food are great and lovely. We had a great evening. Thank you!”
Melissa, The Netherlands | 21 July 2019

“Have been in Indonesia for 7 nights already. This is by far the best food yet. In the words of my husband “”superb””! We will be back. Thank you so much.”
Jennie, United Kingdom | 17 July 2019

“Very good gastronomic experience in a nice atmosphere.”
Roger, Belgium | 3 July 2019

Amazing service, amazing food and amazing ambience! We will be back soon ūüôā
Sam, United Kingdom | 29 June 2019

Thank you for making our honeymoon extra special. We had an amazing experience. Thank you.
Nicole, United States of America | 27 June 2019

I was especially appreciative that you have gluten free accomodation in your menu, the bread was very nice as well.
David and Shigeko, Japan | 21 June 2019

Excellent food and very attentive service! A great way to enjoy our honeymoon. We will be recommending bridges to our friends and family.
Lauren, Scotland | 13 June 2019

A fantastic evening. What a stylish and charming restaurant. From the moment we walked in, we felt welcome. The degustation menu was world class and the staff were excellent and knowledgeable. We will definitely return. Thank you.
Cathy, Australia | 10 June 2019

This Restaurant is a real gem in Ubud. The service is very good and the food outstanding, we will come here again when visiting Ubud.
Ivar, Australia | 02 June 2019

“Excellent everything. Especially attention to detail. We work in the industry as a chef and sommelier and our experience at bridges was beyond what we expected. Thank you very much!”
Kaylee, Canada | 30 May 2019

“The food was delicious and beautifully presented. The service was excellent, friendly and helpful. Atmosphere is relaxed, setting is glorious! Overall 10 out of 10. Thank you for a wonderful evening.”
Deborah, United Kingdom | 26 May 2019

Great food and service. Thank you for acknowledging our honeymoon. Great service, we’ll highly recommend and we’ll be back soon. Thank you. Regards from Mexico!
Santiago, Mexico | 25 May 2019

“We very much enjoyed our time and meal at bridges. The service was the best we have experienced yet during our time here in Bali. Many thanks!”
Kelley and Patrick, United States of America | 21 May 2019

Thank you for an exceptionally amazing meal. We had such a wonderful experience. The staff was very kind and the food was delicious. We will be back.
Nicole, United States of America | 20 May 2019

“We were very impressed with the food and the service is very attentive, when there was an issue with one of the courses, it was dealt with swift and professional manner. Whilst I’m not vegetarian, I selected veggie tasting menu, which I found to be imaginative, tasty and in some cases, even better than my partner’s meat option. Reasonable value for money too, with lovely view. Will recommend to friends.”
Leyan, Malaysia | 17 May 2019

This was the best meal we have experienced in Bali. The food was superb and the Balinese people are amazing. The service was exceptional!
Ryan, Ireland | 10 May 2019

Thank you for this pleasant moment, beautiful place, amazing cook, all staff is very kind and so professional. Thank you very much, we will come back when we’re in Ubud.
Amelia and Kevin, France | 09 May 2019

“Amazing food! Great service, such friendly people to complement the great menu selection. Will definitely recommend to friends and family, and came back the next time we’re in Bali ! :)”
Tiffany, United States of America | 06 May 2019

Amazing food and loved the tasting menu. Wine was a perfect match to the menu. We will definitely love to visit again. Many thanks!
Lisa, Australia | 28 April 2019

Food was amazing. Service was even better. Extremely welcoming and friendly staff. We had a great night celebrating my little sister’s 21st birthday. Thank you so much!
Veronica, Australia | 26 April 2019

This was our first time at bridges Bali. The food and service was amazing and the restaurant is beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for a lovely evening!
Anna and Emily, United Kingdom | 26 April 2019

We are repeater guests and we love bridges. Service and food are consistent and very good. Wine list is exceptional. Thank you again for a great experience!
Kevin, Australia | 16 April 2019

We just loved our time that we have spent with you at bridges. Our meal was sensational! Such a wonderful dining experience. We will always remember our special dinner. Thank you!
Janet, Australia | 15 April 2019

We enjoyed our dinner very much. The food were outstanding and the service was exceptional. Staff were very professional and pleasant. The ambience was also very romantic and relaxing. Thank you!
Maja, Croatia | 04 April 2019

Lovely meal and setting. The view is facing the jungle with a gorgeous outdoor setting. Staff are very attentive and food are prepared to excellent qualities!
Claire, United Kingdom | 03 April 2019

Having dinner at bridges Bali was such a nice experience especially for our 13th wedding anniversary celebration. Great food and service from the staff. Many thanks!
Wawan and Wiwik, Indonesia | 01 April 2019

Great service and great food. Staff are well trained and polite. We will recommend bridges to my friends when they visit to Bali/Ubud. Thanks!
Spencer, Singapore | 31 March 2019

We had such a wonderful evening at bridges. We loved the food and the service was great, warm, and professional. We thank you for making our time very special. We loved our time at bridges and can not wait to come back. Great service. Thank you to the Chef and our wonderful waiters!
Rivky, Hong Kong | 30 March 2019

Every time I make it to Bali, I come to Ubud and then most importantly I take time to enjoy bridges. I travel and dine around the world and the Wagyu Beef entree is one dish to remember. The service, wine, food, and location makes me happy, calm, and grateful to be back. Thank you!
Peta, Australia | 29 March 2019

The food at bridges was a genuine treat. We were stuck in the rain and decided to experience bridges restaurant. Amazing staff who catered to our needs. We truly had a pleasant meal. It was an invaluable experience. Thank you bridges restaurant!
Ram, Canada | 26 March 2019

The food and service are wonderful at bridges. The food is cooked to perfection and the flavours are fantastic. The service is excellent. Staff are very friendly, polite, and professional. This restaurant is so good, we come every year to enjoy it and we are never disappointed. Thank you!
Laurel, Australia | 24 March 2019

We had a really romantic night with an awesome view. All dishes were delicious and exactly presented. The service was also lovely. When you visit Ubud, you should visit bridges!
Jula and Gotz, Germany | 18 March 2019

Very good food and wine. Service was excellent. Especially the Lavender-Infused Beef is worth mentioning. Everything was perfect!
Rochit, India | 14 March 2019

Always enjoy to come for lunch or dinner at bridges. Service and food quality were always top standard.
Christine, Australia | 28 February 2019

We really enjoyed our delicious meal. Excellent service and wonderful smiles. We also appreciated the still water (no bottles) and the stainless steel reusable straw. Thank you!
Tim, United States of America | 27 February 2019

Fantastic food. Compliments to the chef and the kitchen staff. Front of the house staff also excellent. The food and presentation were wonderful!
David, Scotland | 25 February 2019

The Slow-Cooked Spring Chicken was amazing. Best chicken I’ve ever had. The Grilled Salmon was fantastic along with the Chocolate Cheese Cake dessert. Thank you!
Samantha, United States of America | 25 February 2019

A wonderful place to dine. My husband and I traveled to Bali for our honeymoon and bridges is the best restaurant we had ever visit during our stay!
Rachel, United States of America | 22 February 2019

Really enjoyed the experience today. The view and food were both amazing. We particularly loved the Beef Salad, Thai-Inspired Barramundi, and Tuna Carpaccio!
Katie, United Kingdom | 19 February 2019

bridges is the best restaurant I have been in Bali. The service was amazing. The staff is very nice and polite. The food was delicious. I keep coming back to try everything on the menu. I love this place so much. Thank you!
Tiffaney, United States of America | 05 February 2019

We had a magical evening. Everything was exceptional. We will be raving about this night to our friends forever. Thank you!
Victoria, Taiwan | 05 February 2019

The food was divine! The perfect accompaniment to its serene environment. Felt like the king of the jungle. Great staff and will be back for sure!
Alexander, Australia | 29 January 2019

Food and service were lovely. Staff were so nice and well-informed regarding the menu. We were very happy. Thank you!
Emma, United Kingdom | 18 January 2019

What a surprise! We did not know what to expect, but wow. What a good food and best service. It was nice to have a talk with the Sommelier about the South African wines. We will definitely recommend this beautiful place!
Ann, South Africa | 17 January 2019

The staff were extremely attentive, kind and provided great services. The view was serene and beautiful. The food was also impeccable. We seriously enjoyed the Baby Calamari and Almond-Crusted Lamb Loin. Thank you!
Sam, Australia | 17 January 2019

The food was amazing. The staff and service were very friendly. We will be back again. Thank you!
Mez, Australia | 10 January 2019

This meal was exceeded our expectations. The ambiance and view were amazing. Each courses were delicious. We are so glad that we went with the Tasting Menu. Thank you for such a special honeymoon dinner!
Shilpi, United States of America | 03 January 2019

We could not have chosen a more beautiful restaurant to celebrate our parent’s 50th anniversary. Thank you for making it special!
Simone, Australia | 03 January 2019

bridges really exceeded my expectations. It was basically the best New Year’s Eve dinner that I have ever had. bridges deserves 5 stars. I am very satisfied and will come back again.
Ravano, Indonesia | 31 December 2018

Very friendly staff, great atmosphere as well as the service. We had a very enjoyable night. Thank you!
Anne, The Netherlands | 26 December 2018

The food was amazing and the service was outstanding. We will be back and bring all our friends. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas. Peace and love!
Judy, Canada | 25 December 2018

Thank you chefs and wonderful staff for a memorable Christmas away from home. What a wonderful welcome, setting, food and paired wines. Perfect. Very special. Happy Christmas!
Sarah, Brunei | 25 December 2018

I have visited with my husband and teenagers. We all agreed that this meal has been one of the best we have ever had. Delicious. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Garcia, United Kingdom | 22 December 2018

Amazing food. We have spent a very good moment at bridges Bali. The service was great and the meals were very tasty. Thank you for this experience!
Charlene, France | 15 December 2018

Excellent service. Staff are nice, friendly, and professional. Good selection of wines. A cozy environment with the touch of nature!
Michael, Malaysia | 11 December 2018

Everything was delicious and the service was super. We loved the place. View is amazing. Thank you!
Ursula, Peru | 01 December 2018

An amazing location, beautiful views and even more delicious food. Thank you.
Katherine, United Kingdom | 28 November 2018

The service and food were born spectacular. Thank you very much.
Zoe, Australia | 24 November 2018

Absolutely amazing restaurant. The location is fantastic and the food was delicious. An extensive cocktails menu. We will be back.
Natalie, Australia | 14 November 2018

Everything was perfect. Especially for the dessert. We will Come again. Thank you.
Steven, Switzerland | 09 November 2018

We had a lovely evening. Gestawi and Juliastra gave us great services.
Judy, Singapore | 07 November 2018

Every time we visit Bali, we always make a special trip to bridges. The food and service were fabulous.
Rob and Lee, Australia | 06 November 2018

Thank you so much for these awesome meals. We had a wonderful time and it made our honeymoon extra special.
Christian, Germany | 05 November 2018

Amazing foods and an amazing service. Staff was wonderful and would very highly recommend.
Emily, Australia | 02 November 2018

Thank you very much for such a nice evening and an excellent venue. Thank you Miss Yanti for excellent service and kindness. We will be back very soon.
Suzan and Roy, Germany | 26 October 2018

A very cozy atmosphere. Attentive and friendly service. The tasting menu was a gastronomical experience accompanied by delicious wines. Great value for money. Will definitely visit again next time when we are in Ubud.
Joy, Denmark | 24 October 2018

The dinner was incredible. This was our “blow out” meal for our honeymoon. It did not disappoint! We had the tasting menu with wine pairing and every course was a lovely surprise. The view was stunning. The staffs are polite and they are located in a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for a great dinner with great wine!
Anna, United Kingdom | 22 October 2018

With a huge pleasure, we have visited bridges restaurant. It’s been an outstanding evening in a fantastic surrounding. What a lovely atmosphere and internal decor. The food has been of a world-class caliber. We will be happy to be here again.
Mathias, Luxembourg | 14 October 2018

We were extremely happy. The food was amazing as always. The service was fabulous. Could not be happier. Thank you.
Debbie, Australia | 14 October 2018

Amazing service and food. We had a blast celebrating our honeymoon with our last night in Ubud at bridges. The service was 10/10 and extremely friendly. We will definitely recommend bridges to our friends and we will return next time when we are in Bali. Thank you.
Mike, United States of America | 13 October 2018

We were very satisfied with the food, service, as well as the location. If we ever happen to visit Bali or Ubud again, we will come here for sure. Keep up the fantastic work.
Pierre, Germany | 08 October 2018

The best meal of our trip. We hope to come back again to bridges. Thank you for the wonderful memories.
Paugya, India | 07 October 2018

We shared a lovely discovery meal at bridges. A Super atmosphere as well as the service.
Nijs, Belgium | 07 October 2018

We stumbled on a treasure by a chance. A perfect ending for our stay in Ubud. Welcoming staff, superlative food, and a great location.
Phil, South Africa | 07 October 2018

An incredible experience. Thank you so much for making our night so special.
Mirsha, New Zealand | 06 October 2018

The meal was amazing. The whole experience was great. Location, setting, service, and the food was even better than we expected. Thank you!
Brett, United Kingdom | 30 September 2018

The service was great. The food and cocktail were very delicious. Thank you so much for the gluten-free starter. Great gluten-free meal. Thank you!
Ashley, Australia | 30 September 2018

We really appreciate the special moment that we have spent at bridges. All the staff made our honeymoon dinner very special. Thank you!
Laura, Spain | 30 September 2018

Came to bridges to celebrate our honeymoon. The food, service, and cocktails were amazing! Thank you so much for making the evening so special for both of us. We will definitely come back!
Mr and Mrs Robertson, United Kingdom | 27 September 2018

Absolutely fantastic. We really enjoyed it. Thank you for giving us a lovely table and a birthday dessert for my boyfriend. The food and the wine was incredible. We will rate you on TripAdvisor. Thank you!
Lyndsey, United Kingdom | 26 September 2018

Amazing service and top quality of the food. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who will be celebrating a special occasion!
Kiran, United Kingdom | 25 September 2018

Everything was absolutely wonderful! Ambience, service, and lovely surroundings. Thank you for your sincere hospitality!
Jenny, Australia | 19 September 2018

This is one of the finest meals we have had in all of Bali. The customer service is excellent and the little touches sets this place apart. The food was cooked perfectly and we appreciate the chef has made gluten-free options. Thank you for a great meal!
Michael, United States of America | 14 September 2018

The food and service were fantastic. We decided to come for a second day in a row as we loved our meal and the service so much. Would definitely come back and will recommend.
Nikoleta, United Kingdom | 13 September 2018

We would like to congratulate the chefs. Our meal was exceptional. The service was professional, polite and willing. Thank you for a great experience.
Anna, Greece | 08 September 2018

Very attentive staff. Had a very enjoyable dining with yourselves and the experience was amazing. Thank you very much bridges. We love you!
Kerise, United Kingdom | 07 September 2018

We were very satisfied and appreciated a lot. We look forward to visiting you again soon. Thank you so much!
David and Antina, Australia | 06 September 2018

Fantastic dinner and a wonderful service! Thank you for the honeymoon surprise. A lovely evening!
Mark, United Kingdom | 06 September 2018

The most amazing meal with beautiful flavours! Had the tasting menu with the wine pairing and it was highly recommend. The nicest salmon I have ever had. I look forward to visiting you again.
Victoria, United Kingdom | 05 September 2018

A perfect dinner experience. Good atmosphere and style, friendly staff as well as great food. Thank you!
Lucy, Germany | 31 August 2018

Keep up the good work! Had such a lovely dining experience! Amazing food, service and desserts. Thank you!
Amanda, Indonesia | 18 August 2018

bridges exceeded my expectations. It is a special and authentic place. The location and environment are authentic Bali experiences. The service is exceptional, the waiting staff are knowledgeable and welcoming. The food is “no words” You have to try it!
Jessica, Australia | 17 August 2018

We had the most wonderful dinner. The food and cocktails are incredible. Loved the honeymoon touches. Would recommend to anyone who are coming to Ubud.
Georgia, United Kingdom | 14 August 2018

bridges is always a wonderful experience. Today had been no expectation. Food and wine are superb, wonderful music, and perfect atmosphere!
Sue, Australia | 12 August 2018

Great meal with a lovely view and brilliant service. Thank you for the special honeymoon message and chocolates, it was a lovely surprise! We will definitely come back for our 10-year anniversary.
Nilay, United Kingdom | 10 August 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed our romantic dinner at bridges. The atmosphere was very romantic, the food are sensational and the service is wonderful. We would highly recommend bridges Bali.
Keryn and Liz, Australia | 9 August 2018

Thank you for making our evening so special! Impeccable service, wonderful food, and incredible atmosphere. The birthday surprise was an unexpected touch and much appreciated.
Jo, United States of America | 7 August 2018

Thank you for a wonderful service! It was a perfect way to end our Bali trip. We hope to be back to Bali and bridges again very soon.
Jennah, United States of America | 3 August 2018

The food was excellent and went so well with the lovely wine. We especially enjoyed the dessert! Thanks for the great evening!
Tanui, India | 1 August 2018

The food looked really pretty and tasted delicious. The wine was good as was the personnel. Thank you for a lovely last night in Ubud.
Daphne, The Netherlands | 28 July 2018

The food and the staff were great, nice atmosphere and surrounding. Thank you for the nice evening. See you.
Fleur, The Netherlands | 25 July 2018

Thank you for a wonderful dining experience. We are in Ubud celebrating our honeymoon and tonight has been extra special. The food was delicious and the service is superb. Wonderful staff and delicious dishes. We will come back.
Bea, United Kingdom | 25 July 2018

Firstly, thank you so much for making our anniversary special. The view, the dinner, the service are amazing!
David and Gina, Australia | 25 July 2018

Setiyani was fantastic. She made sure my friend (who had a diary allergy) was well looked after and was even kind enough to take a picture of us. The food as always was fantastic. 10/10.
Aarti, United Kingdom | 25 July 2018

What a beautiful place with lovely, professional staff and delicious food. The Rijsttafel was fantastic!
Jen, Australia | 20 July 2018

Our second visit. Again a wonderful experience. Each drink was divine. Will be sure to visit again.
Heidi and Geoff, Australia | 17 July 2018

Excellent food! We will come again and recommend the restaurant to everyone who comes to Ubud.
Tedder, Switzerland | 17 July 2018

The food was absolutely delicious, the best we have had in Bali! The service was attentive and personalized and the setting was gorgeous.
Ella, Australia | 16 July 2018

Excellent food and excellent service. Very friendly. Would certainly recommend to anyone coming to Ubud. Lovely setting.
Lisa, United Kingdom | 15 July 2018

Very beautiful place. Food is amazing! Thank you very much for great service. Suksma.
Anastasia, United Kingdom | 15 July 2018

Excellent food, presentation and flavor! Exceptional service. We will definitely be recommending to others and will definitely return on our next trip to Bali!
Oliver and Sophie, Australia | 15 July 2018

A wonderful dinner, some of the best food we have had so far on our honeymoon in Bali! The truffle amuse-bouche was exquisite and the staff really went the extra mile to make it special for us.
Saskia and Will, United Kingdom | 15 July 2018

We loved the ambiance. The food was very delicious and the service was great!
Robertus, The Netherlands | 14 July 2018

Excellent cuisine! Good atmosphere! Very kindness personnel! Highly recommended! Continue your best service! Congrats!
Flarie, Canada | 14 July 2018

Dear bridges team, thank you very much for the fantastic evening. Great cocktail and appetizer at DIVINE, selection tasting menu, and very polite service! And on top of this all – a romantic venue.
Evy and Nicky, Belgium | 14 July 2018

Wonderful service, beautiful view, delicious food, and great ambience. Thank you!
Terrence, United States of America | 12 July 2018

This was definitely a dinner to remember. The view is breathtaking and the food is absolutely amazing, great service!
Alex, United States of America | 11 July 2018

Wonderful setting and extremely good service. Food was delicious. We look forward to recommending bridges to our friends.
Joanne, United Kingdom | 11 July 2018

The food was amazing! Excellent presentation and the quality of the food was great! Staff were lovely.
Melanie, Australia | 10 July 2018

Wonderful service, the staffs are very kind! The food was amazing! Thank you very much and bridges is a lovely place.
Collete, Scotland | 10 July 2018

bridges is a great restaurant, great views, great service and great food. We love it here and will be back again. Thank you.
Rhonda, Australia | 8 July 2018

Susila and the rest of the staff at bridges went above and beyond to look after my partner and I on our anniversary. Food was amazing. Service was fabulous. Thank you for everything.
Erika and Gerald, United States of America | 8 July 2018

Great setting by the river and the old bridge in the jungle. Excellent service. Very nice food. Wines reasonably priced compared to some places in Bali and a good selection.
David and Tania, New Zealand | 6 July 2018

Had a lovely meal – the food was delightful and the service was excellent. Making it a very special meal. A great way to finish our holiday in Bali. Will definitely recommend to others. Thanks again.
Lauren, United Kingdom | 6 July 2018

Beautiful views, amazing food and exceptional service. A wonderful night. Thank you.
Grady, Australia | 5 July 2018

Thank you for the great experience and service while having dinner in this incredible restaurant!
Daan and Sara, Belgium | 5 July 2018

We had an amazing night. The service was super friendly, the food was as wonderful. I will definitely recommend this place. We will forever remember this breathtaking place. Thank you very much!
Kaat and Xavier Belgium | 5 July 2018

Thank you so much for an amazing meal! It is our first time in Bali and at bridges. The service and food were all incredible. We will definitely return to bridges when we return to Bali. Thank you!
Emma, United States of America | 5 July 2018

The foods and service it was very good and the view as well! Thanks. All in all, it was very nice! It was a very pleasant stay!
Lars, Germany | 5 July 2018

Amazing food! Loved the tasting menu, would definitely come back and recommend to friend.
Kesh, United Kingdom | 4 July 2018

The atmosphere is relaxed and the restaurant is beautiful. The food was excellent in variety, preparation and flavor also very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend bridges for a romantic dinner. We were on our honeymoon. Great experience all around.
James, United States of America | 1 July 2018

Thank you for the awesome service! The atmosphere is so lovely and we will definitely recommend to our friends and family. Food was amazing too! Just perfect! We’ll definitely be back!

Melissa, Singapore | 27 June 2018

Susila gave us wonderful service and we enjoyed a very special evening at bridges. Thank you.

Christine, Australia | 27 June 2018

Dinner was amazing, the service was great, food was divine. Will highly recommend and definitely will be back when next in Bali. Thank you.

Sarah, New Zealand | 25 June 2018

An incredible meal with fantastic attentive friendly service. Delicious well balanced seasonal food in a beautiful aesthetic setting. Deserves a Michelin star.

Kheran and Gabby, United Kingdom | 25 June 2018

Amazing food and the service was awesome. Certainly, we will recommend such an amazing experience!

Cassiano and Letiaa, Brazil | 23 June 2018

We had a wonderful experience and a beautiful meal. We received a lovely dessert for our honeymoon. Your staff is amazing and we will be recommending you to all our friends and family. Thank you!

Caitlyn, Australia | 22 June 2018

The food and service here are amazing, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for making our anniversary special.

Abby and Sam, United Kingdom | 21 June 2018

Truly enjoyed our dinner experience. Service was very good. Our waiter spoke English very well and was very polite. Food was delicious. Enjoyed the Crusted Zucchini Blossoms a lot. Dessert was lovely. Overall a wonderful experience with beautiful ambiance.

Adam, Malaysia | 20 June 2018

We really enjoyed the tasting menu. Every course was outstanding. All staff was professional and friendly through the evening. Thank you all very much.

Karen, United Kingdom | 19 June 2018

When I travel I always look for unique dinning experiences and I was happy to discover that bridges Bali full my expectations. I will talk about this place on my blog and advice it. Congratulations for such a nice and polite staff!

Carlota, Spain | 17 June 2018

This restaurant never disappoints. Great atmosphere & attentive staff. Almond Crusted Lamb was the best Lamb we’ve ever eaten. thank you ūüôā

Phoebe, Australia | 17 June 2018

Thank you so much. This was such a special night. We had a wonderful time!

Karmen, United States of America | 15 June 2018

Excellent meal! Food was top, service was second to none! Great scenery! This place is highly recommended, a must-come in Ubud, Bali.

Timothy, Singapore | 12 June 2018

Thank you for a beautiful lunch. We enjoyed it very much and look forward to coming again. When we are next in Bali.

Vicky , Helen, and Rohan, Australia | 8 June 2018

Amazing! What a fantastic meal, great vegetarian food, even better service! Thank you so much!

Hari, United Kingdom | 8 June 2018

Food was amazing. Wait staff was very attentive and explained everything to us. The King Prawn was my favorite.

Billy, United States of America | 6 June 2018

Our server Gestawi was excellent. Both the meal (tasting menu with matched wines) and his service surpassed our expectations one of the best dining experiences we have had 10/10. We will definitely return on our next visit to Bali.

Ross, Australia | 6 June 2018

The food was wonderful as well as the service – attentive to details, enjoyed ourselves and would recommend.

Barry and Rose, Australia | 5 June 2018

This place, the service, the people, the food; it’s really amazing! It’s like a dream, we are very thankful! Congratulations, please keep on going like this. This is the best restaurant in all of Bali.

Alvaro, Mexico | 5 June 2018

My husband and I had the tasting menu and loved every dish! Food is fresh, service is excellent, ambiance is lovely, stunning view. Thank you.

Sharon, Australia | 4 June 2018

Thank you, such a lovely evening. The food was fantastic, the setting is beautiful and the staff is very good. We will be back.

Lisa, United Kingdom | 3 June 2018

The food is awesome. The dessert is amazing. The view is spectacular. The interior and ambiance, I love it!

Tristanti, Indonesia | 2 June 2018

Absolutely perfect dining. Experience from the moment we arrived. Food is creative and delicious, service is exemplary. Thank you.
Bochelle, United States of America | 22 May 2018

Fantastic ambiance from the moment you arrive and visit the bar for a pre-dinner cocktail. We were seated on the second level balcony and it is lovely. The staff and service are wonderful and there is a lovely feel to the restaurant. The menu could entice anyone and the dishes were truly exceptional. Wonderful cuisine it is best. I will recommend and hope we’re lovely enough to come back.
Daniel Foale, United Kingdom | 17 May 2018

bridges went above and beyond our expectations! Every detail was thought of, the service was fantastic, the best we have had, and has been our favorite meal out to date. The food was perfect. We will recommend to anyone who visiting Bali. Thank you to all staff for the best dining experience!
Maisie and Tom, United Kingdom | 16 May 2018

Thank you for sharing exquisite flavors and beautiful presentations in food. The flavors and herbs combinations are spectacular. We will be back in December! Amazing!
Amanda, United States of America | 14 May 2018

The staff were extraordinary. The food was exceptional and the staff made it a wonderful experience. I came alone and they were attentive, knowledgeable and kind.
Linda, Australia | 14 May 2018

Pleasant evening, perfect surroundings. Food was also spectacular, including the vegetarian options. Waitress made the evening very special. Thank you.
Jamie, United Kingdom | 14 May 2018

Beautiful dinner. Wonderful service. We will be back. Thank you bridges.
Delene, Australia | 12 May 2018

Not only was the food delicious, the service is second to none! We will be back for one of our anniversary!
Ben and Chuck, Canada | 5 May 2018

Love the design of the whole place restaurant and downstairs. Food was fantastic.
Charlotte and Gilbert, Australia | 3 May 2018

Fantastic dining experience. Great wine recommendations. Our waiter Palguna was informative, polite and friendly. Many thanks.
Talya, New Zealand | 2 May 2018

Excellent! What a very nice evening. We thank the chef and all the team who work in the restaurant. As we say in France digne d’un √©toile. Congratulations for the meal and the options of wines.
Cattaux, France | 26 April 2018

We came here for our anniversary dinner. The table was decorated with a beautiful surprises by the staff]. The food was also wonderful especially the beef wagyu. Loved the Cinnamon Cr√®me Br√Ľl√©e. Probably the best we’ve ever eaten. Love, love the places and the service. Thank you for guys for making it special for us.
Jerome, India | 22 April 2018

Such a pleasant and sophisticated location amidst jungle, above the river and below the bridge. Venue is creative and suits carnivores and vegetarians a like. After all the years, still the place to come to wherever in Ubud. Keep going so strong.
Carmen, Germany | 20 April 2018

It was an amazing experience. Excellent service and really tasteful and great food. Thanks and see you next time.
Abir, Canada | 19 April 2018

Excellent food and service. Also only place with good wines by the glass options. Will come back again next time.
Amir, Brunei | 19 April 2018

We have loved our dinning experience at bridges. This has been by the best meal we have had in Bali. Thank you for being so welcoming to our baby.
Josephine, Australia | 18 April 2018

The food was delicious. We loved the ambience, the service and the over all experience. Will come back to it whenever we live in Bali again.
Sadaf and Rameen, Pakistan | 16 April 2018

We were completely blown away by your service, menu, drinks, and food. It truly was a memorable experience! Thank you so much for the gluten-free options. We hope to see you again!
Mr. and Mrs. Greeft, South Africa | 16 April 2018

The Barramundi was one of the best meal I’ve had in Bali! The flavours were amazing, as were the views.
Aleksandra and Shanna, Australia | 15 April 2018

Had 2 two courses meal with delicious taste combinations! The lamb was cooked well and the risotto in the Baby Calamari was like a feast in my mouth. A special thanks for paying attention to my gluten-free diet.
Ebru, Belgium | 13 April 2018

Thank you for a lovely meal and experience. My father’s first time and he thoroughly enjoyed it! I will see you in July.
Rachel, United Kingdom | 12 April 2018

Great restaurant, amazing view and great atmosphere. A must when in Ubud and so far the best restaurant we have been to in Ubud.
Bob, Canada | 11 April 2018

Staff is very hospitable and attentive! My husband and I enjoyed our dinner! The scallops were amazing!
Isabel, United States of America | 11 April 2018

Really tasty food, super fresh! The service is excellent! Relaxing place!
Caterina, Germany | 1 April 2018

Had the best experience at your restaurant and would recommend it to my friends and family! Don’t change anything. Thank you.
Adrian, South Africa | 1 April 2018

Another delicious, memorable meal. Thank you!
Levi, Australia | 31 March 2018

Salmon was absolutely incredible. Cheese platter is also a must! Great staff!
Malika & Arika, Canada | 31 March 2018

Service was amazing! Food was absolutely mind blowing. 150% recommend.
Tamara, Australia | 29 March 2018

We once again had a delicious meal at bridges. A top notch restuarant. Fabulous atmosphere and excellent food. Thank you.
Joam, The Netherlands | 29 March 2018

It was very nice experience and was delicious food. I would like to visit again.
Nouf, Saudi Arabia | 28 March 2018

Wonderful service from our waiter, Adi. Our meals were delicious & very well presented. Thank you!!
Josh & Claire, Australia | 27 March 2018

Amazing food and fantastic service. Thank you for a lovely experience! We also had a very lovely waiter. Thank you. We will recommend on Tripadvisor.
Amanda, Denmark | 27 March 2018

Excelllent Staff, Food, Ambience! Thank You
Ani, United State Of America | 25 March 2018

Great Service, great food. Keep it Up. Amazing restaurant! Loved everything about this place. Thank you so much to Pak Pasek Suarmita.
Caca & Wisnu, Indonesia | 25 March 2018

Very nice ambience, helpful, warm, friendly staff. Good Ravioli and Baramundi. Thank you.
Michael, Canada | 25 March 2018

Thank you very much! Beyond expectation.
Vanessa, United State Of America | 22 March 2018

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so special. The pride and genuine care you take in each dish and your service meant the world to us. Our servers were more than accommodating, and our special happy honeymoon dessert brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the gorgeous flowers and lock.
Michele, United State Of America | 21 March 2018

The place, the service, the food is excellent.
Bente and Jora, Denmark | 20 March 2018

Beautiful setting. Fantastic meal. Staff wonderful
Debbie, Australia | 20 March 2018

It was a pleasure to had the tasting menu. A wonderfull gastronomical experience. Perfect portions for tasting. Will highly recommend your restaurant to others.
Carolyn, Australia | 18 March 2018

Great service, excellent drinks, and very tasty food! Very friendly and professional staff.
Sabina, Sweden | 18 March 2018

Wonderful meal. Could not be happier. So happy to see french wine on a menu. Delightfull vegetarian options.
Sonja, United State Of America | 14 March 2018

“Wow! What an amazing restaurant in paradise! Magnificent setting, meal and wonderful staff. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience in Ubud at bridges.”
Cathy, Australia | 8 March 2018

Excellent service! Excellent food! 10/10 Both meals were well beyond expectations! Our waiter, Luis went above and beyond. Thank you for everything!
Fenna, Australia | 7 March 2018

Service was very friendly, helpful & professional. Food is excellent. We had a very special evening. Thank you all!
Catherine & Tony, Australia | 27 February 2018

Extremely happy, lovely service, lovely food, lovely location. Beautiful food. Beautiful staff. 6 stars.
Tatum, Australia | 23 February 2018

Thank you so much, it was an amazing meal and fantastic service. An overall excellent experience.
Azza, Egypt | 21 February 2018

Lovely evening. Thank you.
Russell, Australia | 15 February 2018

Thank you for the yummy & delicious dinner & drinks. Loved the music & staff.
Jack, Australia | 08 February 2018

Amazing food and service. We will be back again before going back to Canada.
Stephanie, Canada | 07 February 2018

Thank you for an amazing dinner by far the best food I have had in Bali during my 5th visit.
James, Australia | 05 February 2018

The food is excellent here, also the service ūüôā
Shopia, Denmark | 04 February 2018

Everything was amazing and up to the standards of fine dining. We will definitely come back soon!
Lina & Mohammed, Egypt | 24 January 2018

Superb, no criticism! Everything was great, terima kasih!
Catya & Sytae, The Netherlands | 17 January 2018

Cocktails, wine & food was fabulous! Delicious food, friendly and attentive service in a great setting! Thank you very much!
Tam, United Kingdom | 11 January 2018

bridges Bali never disappoint me at all! Good work, bridges!
Kevin, Indonesia | 07 January 2018

Everything was perfect and delicious. Service was more than extraordinary, putting us in special. We’re in our honeymoon. They keeping it extra special, we’ll definitely recommend this place for our friends in Egypt
Nada, Egypt | 06 January 2018

Excellent romantic meal. Amazing service! Food was delicious, as was the ambience & beautiful views. Will definitely recommend & come back!
Aude, United Kingdom | 05 January 2018

Fantastic service & even better food. I wish we had known about your restaurant earlier so we could have come every night.
Alana, Australia | 04 January 2018

We enjoyed the excellent service & tasty dishes. Thank you so much for making my birthday & anniversary a memorable one. Drinks tasty. Food amazing. Service outstanding. Thank you!
The Walaces, United States of America | 04 January 2018

Everything was fantastic, our food was amazing. The ambience was wonderful and Luis was an incredible waiter. Thank you for helping us to celebrate our honeymoon perfectly. We will return.
James, United States of America | 31 December 2017

More than expectations. Exceptional. Amazing, Thank you!
Katherine, Australia | 25 December 2017

A beautiful lunch, seated at the most perfect table. Wonderful service and tasty food! Thank you!
Abbie, Qatar | 22 December 2017

We have enjoyed our meals in bridges. It has turned out to be our best eating place in Bali. Thank you for making our honeymoon memorable.
Anushara, India | 19 December 2017

The most wonderful restaurant, now our favourite ever! Everything is perfect. Delicious food, fantastic staff & service. Friendly welcoming and professional. 5 stars. Thank you ūüôā
Alex, United Kingdom | 18 December 2017

Very nice place. Can’t forget this place. Nice food & Great taste. Excellent service. Definitely will recommend this place to others.
Sifera, Indonesia | 17 December 2017

Delicious food, fantastic atmosphere & romantic vibe. Enjoyed our evening. Many Thanks.
Anna & Stephane, Russia | 09 December 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at bridges! The squid and burrata appetizer were beautiful & tasty. Duck and fish/prawn entrees are scrumptious. The presentation for all dishes was spectacular!
Satoru & Maureen, United States of America | 07 December 2017

The menu and combination of the service make me absolutely want to come again and again, this is the 3rd time I’ve been here. Keep up your quality! Great job.
Anastasia, Indonesia | 03 December 2017

The food was extraordinary fresh and the view is breathtaking. An extremely romantic place (even if you’re alone)!! Of course Balinese service is here with a beautiful smile.
Paloma, Spain | 01 December 2017

Very delicious food. I really like it. Excellent place for honeymooners. Amazing view which create a romantic atmosphere.
Khaleed, Saudi Arabia | 27 November 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed your tasting menu. We will be back next time we visit Ubud. The food, service, and views are excellent. Thank you!
Taira, United States of America | 26 November 2017

The food & service are spectacular! Would more than happier to dine here again. Lovely staff with amazing service. Love this pretty place!
Holly, New Zealand | 25 November 2017

Delicious food. We enjoyed our evening here. We will definitely come back when we are in Bali.
Jeppe & Karina, Denmark | 22 November 2017

Incredible food, location, and outstanding service! Truly picturesque. This is now my favourite restaurant in Bali. Thank you so much for such a great experience.
Bronte, United States of America | 15 November 2017

We weren’t expecting anything when we came here but we are impressed not just by the view but the amazing food & wonderful, attentive staff. 5 star!
Janie, Philippines | 12 November 2017

The food & atmosphere was awesome. Please give the Chef a personal thumbs up from us as each dish was full of flavour & unique. I would recommend this place to anyone coming to Ubud. You made my wedding anniversary an awesome day with your dinner presentation. Thanks!
Araa, Malaysia | 09 November 2017

Dear friends, was a great pleasure being here; service and food coming from the heart. Best place to be for our 40 years anniversary. Thank you all!
Yolanda & Hans, The Netherlands | 07 November 2017

The four of us were celebrating a special occasion and had the tasting menu with wine pairing. The food was creative and delicious, a fusion of flavours and western fine dining. The wine pairings were wonderful. Thank you for making our evening as special!
Eric, Canada | 06 November 2017

Thank you for the fantastic meal. This dinner was the highlight of our Bali trip. A pity we found you on our last night. But, will thoroughly recommend to family and friends visiting Ubud. Thanks!
Mark, Australia | 04 November 2017

Thank you for accommodating dairy free diet and being knowledgeable of dishes. Thanks to the chef. Amazing food, service, ambiance, music, great experience. Adi is a great waiter. Excellent service.
Hope, United States of America | 02 November 2017

“Amazing! Best dinner of our honeymoon and one of the best of our lives. Great service, atmosphere and food!”
Diego, Mexico | 31 October 2017

“The experience here was absolutely exceptional; far better than we have received our home country. The food was excellent and the staff very friendly and accommodating. We greatly enjoyed dinner here.”
Megan, United States of America | 27 October 2017

“Many thanks bridges for a spectacular evening! The bar and restaurant are beautiful. We tried the tasting menu with wine paired and the food was superb. A perfect way to spend our last night on Bali. Thank you A magical evening!”
Tom & Jo
Joanne, United Kingdom | 23 October 2017

“The meal was truly fantastic. We came here for my birthday & all the staff went above & beyond to make this evening very special. Not only was the service excellent. But the food was divine. I will definitely be recommending this restaurant to anyone that comes to Bali.”
Helena, United Kingdom | 20 October 2017

“Staff amazing, food excellent. You certainly “”bridged”” the gap between holiday & luxury dining.”
The Pages.
Michelle, United Kingdom | 17 October 2017

“Thank you so much for an exquisite meal & outstanding service. We would be sure to let others know.”
Lisa, Singapore | 16 October 2017

“The food tonight was amazing! This place is so beautiful! We absolutely loved our meals and a wonderful place to come to on our honeymoon. We will definitely be telling our family and friends about you. Thank you for a wonderful evening.”
Hayley & Chris, United Kingdom | 14 October 2017

“This was the best 3 course meal we have ever had. Excellent food, service & environment. It is a shame this restaurant is 7000 miles from home or we would be here every week!”
Nicola, United Kingdom | 10 October 2017

“Food 5/5. Service 5/5. Atmosphere 5/5. Choice of food & drink 5/5. Service (amazing) 6/5. Excellent meal in all regards. Food was exceptional. Good music too. Will recommend & return! Lamb duo is amazing.”
Diana, United Kingdom | 09 October 2017

“Everything was perfect! The service is wonderful just as the food! Thank you so much!”
Amelie, Spain | 08 October 2017

“Great wine, food & service! Very attentive staff catering to our every need, particularly enjoyed the Walnut Goat Cheese starter and with Lamb & Beef Mains! Great cheese for dessert as well. Thanks for a great dinning experience.”
Susan, United Kingdom | 06 October 2017

“A lovely dinner, fabulous service , creative & delicious meals. We add your restaurant to our favourite from all the world.”
Lana, France | 05 October 2017

“The meals were so delicious! Thanks for the superb service and extraordinary food! We will most definitely recommend the restaurant to our friends!”
Jochen, Germany | 05 October 2017

“Thank you very much for this gorgeous dinner! We really enjoyed the food and the nice location, very friendly staff! We will come back for sure!
Julia, Germany | 01 October 2017

“Our dinner at bridges was wonderful. The service was friendly and efficient. The food was exceptional and the views were stunning.”
Sabina & Saad, United Kingdom | 29 September 2017

“The food and service were amazing, we had the tasting menu with wine, one of the best meals we have ever had! Would recommend to anyone and hope to come back one day! Terima Kasih!”
Yigit, Turkey | 23 September 2017

“It was great to be here, to stay in Ubud. Especially to have dinner at bridges. A delicious dinner, a great atmosphere. Excellent service. Amazing, really amazing. We’d like to come back. Thank you very much.”
Michael, Germany | 23 September 2017

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Lovely locations, lovely staff & fantastic food. We really enjoyed our evening and our honeymoon treat. Thank you.”
Nicki, United Kingdom | 22 September 2017

“Absolutely impeccable. We are beyond impressed by the whole experience at bridges from our greeting at the beautiful entrance and throughout the entire experience. The staff were perfect. The food was amazing. Thank you!”
Sikin, Canada | 18 September 2017

“The dinner was very good! More than expected. Great view, great service. Nice honeymoon surprise. We really recommend.
Kind regards,
Mike & Yasmin Dorgelo”
Mike & Yasmin, The Netherlands | 17 September 2017

“Nicest place we have eaten at in Bali. Great service, all smiles and very nice handling of my unregular allergies ūüôā The food was great we had to restrain ourselves from licking the plate clean.
5 stars out of 5.
Best wishes,
Clara & Frederick”
Clara & Frederick, Australia | 15 September 2017

“Thank you for this amazing dinner. The best choice for foodies compared with the least 50 restaurants in Bali, I can definitely say you are no 1.
10 from 10.
See you again!”
Lana & Xenia, Russia | 12 September 2017

“The service & the food were both really great. We also get a cocktail from the bar before dining & it was perfect too. We will come again.”
Lane & Vincent, France | 05 September 2017

“Very nice place! Great view! Spectacular service and also food. We loved it! Nothing wrong! Everything above expectation!”
Guelherme, Brazil | 04 September 2017

“Really beautiful setting with equally beautiful food. Our waiter was lovely and very attentive. We had a great night and will definitely visit again.”
Victoria, United Kingdom | 03 September 2017

“Food was excellent and service was great! The views from the bar was spectacular! Thank you for having us!”
Samantha, Canada | 21 August 2017

“Lovely service – polite, friendly and knowledgable about the food!
Food was amazing, tasted great and looked beautiful!
Love the added touch of chocolate/strawberry for our honeymoon.”
Emily, United Kingdom | 14 August 2017

“Excellent food & service. Heavenly atmosphere, thanks & keep it up! Will be back next visit!”
Michelle, Malta | 11 August 2017

“We really enjoyed and felt really special celebrating our honeymoon. Food was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing! Service made everything so special! Thanks for the great experience!”
Dilan, Turkey | 10 August 2017

“My wife & I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Our last night in Ubud was at bridges restaurant which was one of the highlights to our holiday, the service was superb as was the food. Definitely the best meals of our 2 weeks holiday. Would wholeheartedly recommend.”
Ian, United Kingdom | 07 August 2017

“Food, drinks, and staff were absolutely amazing! One of the best meals we have had anywhere in the world. Thank you for the memorable experience.”
Don & Sasha, United States of America | 06 August 2017

“Perfect! Good service, good meal & good venue. A very beautiful restaurant.”
Catarina, Portugal | 04 August 2017

“Thank you so much for the excellent food & service! The Cinnamon Cr√®me Br√Ľl√©e is a good reason to return one day.
Love, family Barnasconi.”
Barnasconi, The Netherlands | 03 August 2017

“We loved everything about our visit to bridges. The food was delicious, the drinks were creative and the service was wonderful. Thank you for a fantastic night! Martine and Ben, Long Beach, CA”
Martine, United States of America | 01 August 2017

“Thank you for making our anniversary so special. We had such a wonderful time here. The service was exceptional, the food and wine was great. We will be recommending you.”
Emily, United Kingdom | 01 August 2017

“Exquisite food, wonderfully attentive service in a beautiful location. A great way to celebrate our anniversary.”
Amanda & George, Australia | 25 July 2017

“Very nice service, so delicious food & wine. Very good & kind service. We will come back next time we are in Ubud!”
Henrietta, Denmark | 25 July 2017

“The food & location is always superb. bridges is our favourite restaurant in Bali. We always eat at bridges whenever we are in Bali”
Ramon, Australia | 20 July 2017

“Amazing food, beautiful location, very friendly and attentive staff, a perfect way to end our honeymoon stay in Ubud.”
Charlotte & Jason Lucy, United Kingdom | 13 July 2017

“Really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. The service was very good as well. Would love to come back!”
Hiko, Japan | 11 July 2017

“Great service & food was delicious. Thank you!”
Oscar, Mexico | 10 July 2017

“Absolutely loved the food! One of the best meals of my life. Every single dish from Entree to Dessert had the most amazing and delicate flavors! Credits to the chef! Personal heartfelt thank you and god bless you! Mind blowing food!”
Gauri, India | 09 July 2017

“Food was beautiful.
Our waitress was amazing and so friendly.
Thank you for surprising us with the happy birthday plate, it was lovely.”
Katie, United Kingdom | 29 June 2017

“The food was really tasty and service was very helpful and rapid. We did not have to wait long. The place is clean and that we appreciate very much. Thank you!
Best wishes.”
Julie & Jacob, Russia | 21 June 2017

A perfect meal in a breathtaking view and peaceful environment. The service is great and the waiters are very nice.
Sophie, France | 21 June 2017

Great dinner in a great location. Service is awesome. Maybe the best of our dinner. Suksma!
Jorge, Spain | 21 June 2017

You have an amazing restaurant and staff! We tried to eat here 5 years ago but you were booked out. So glad we made it this time. Food, service, presentation and quality is perfect. Don’t change anything. You are 100% amazing. See you again. Thank you.
Lee, Australia | 17 June 2017

Amazing dinner again. We were here 1 year ago & couldn’t wait to come back. Tasting menu was delicious! We’ll be back again.
Sam, Australia | 11 June 2017

Very friendly, attentive and helpful service. The food was good, the desserts were great! Mains were in good portion. Thank you for a lovely night!
Valerie, Singapore | 10 June 2017

What a lovely setting for a wonderful dinner. Pre-dinner cocktails were fantastic and the dinner service was exceptional. We’ll recommend it! Thank you.
Sharon & Steve, Australia | 07 June 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience. My partner found this restaurant by chance as he was walking over the bridge and booked it for our last night in Bali. The food, ambience and service was excellent in every way and we will definitely be back again.
Anney, Australia | 06 June 2017

We enjoyed excellent food. Top quality, excellent service & beautiful surroundings.
Jack, Australia | 04 June 2017

Absolutely amazing food. Exceptional staff. Overall, perfect dining experience!
Andy, New Zealand | 01 June 2017

We loved the welcome drink, the place is unique, the view is so green & spectacular! The food was like in a 3-star Michelin Restaurant. Unique flavours! We are very happy to have dined with you!
Ian & Valia, Greece | 27 May 2017

Thank you for an amazing night. Wonderful dinner and place!
Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia | 22 May 2017

Wonderful meal, fantastic service. Would definitely recommend! Many Thanks.
Emily, United Kingdom | 21 May 2017

Beautiful cocktails! Yummy dessert! We will come back again soon! Lovely service. Perfect food!
Hillary, Australia | 15 May 2017

Exceptional food & wine – the best we have had on our entire holiday in Bali. Service was also outstanding – very attentive. And beautiful location too. Many thanks
Rebecca, United Kingdom | 13 May 2017

The food was awesome, from the beginning with the tasty breads, followed by the Mushroom Ravioli and finished with the delicious Chocolate Lava Cake. Thank you! We will recommend you.
Marta, Spain | 07 May 2017

Exceeded our expectations. Thank you for an unforgettable honeymoon dinner. We hope to be back!
Ben & Amanda, United States of America | 07 May 2017

Husband & I came for the tasting menu on our honeymoon. Had an absolutely amazing night. Fantastic food, excellent service, stunning dining room with beautiful view. Cocktail were delicious and we had an incredibly memorable night. Thank you!
Matt & Nyssa, Australia | 07 May 2017

Beautiful evening. Wonderful setting. Loved the food & service. Thank you.
Konstanze, Australia | 05 May 2017

Excellent food presentation & lovely setting. Very attentive staff.
Carol, Australia | 04 May 2017

One of the best experiences in Bali. Highly recommended. Food was fabulous, setting spectacular. Will send all of my friends.
<strong>Marketa, Singapore</strong> | 30 April 2017

<hr />

Simply the best. Very good service. Thank you all.
<strong>Gerlo, Belgium</strong> | 25 April 2017

<hr />

Thank you for the wonderful service.
<strong>Sandra, Singapore</strong> | 24 April 2017

<hr />

Your restaurant is amazing! The presentation and quality of the food is excellent! Your servers are also very polite and professional. Well done!
<strong>Gerry &amp; Gina, Canada</strong> | 15 April 2017

<hr />

Purnami made my experience here extra special. She is very gifted at what she does, and made me feel special! The food and presentation was also fantastic! I will recommend.
<strong>Lisa, United States of America</strong> | 13 April 2017

<hr />

Thank you to the chefs &amp; staff at bridges for another amazing meal. Beautiful food, great wine. Magnificent setting + great staff = 1 magical night. Terima kasih banyak. ūüôā
<strong>Vicki &amp; Michael, Australia</strong> | 11 April 2017

<hr />

Enjoyed the food! The pineapple / tropic juice was awesome &amp; so was the dessert. Both the sorbet &amp; custard. Very nice ambiance ūüôā
<strong>Supriya, India</strong> | 10 April 2017

<hr />

Five star. The place is magic &amp; thank you for sense of service. I will recommend to my friends this restaurant.
<strong>Lucile, France</strong> | 04 April 2017

<hr />

Barramundi cooked to perfection! Foods are tasty &amp; beautifully presented. Staffs are helpful &amp; friendly. Magnificent location!
<strong>Stephen &amp; Elizabeth, Australia</strong> | 03 April 2017

<hr />

Everything was delicious. Rosella Mojito we loved it. And the service was awesome. Thank you!! A lot!!
<strong>Maria, Mexico</strong> | 01 April 2017

<hr />

Amazing food and service. With breathtaking surroundings will definitely be back.
Megan, Australia | 22 March 2017

Beautiful environment to have a romantic dinner in. We really appreciated the honeymoon surprise. The food was excellent, the staff were attentive and the atmosphere was lovely. Thank you bridges!
Aaron & Claudia, Australia | 21 March 2017

Wonderful & warm service. All dishes were beautifully presented and explained in detail. The wine list was extensive and expert advice given. We would definitely recommended this restaurant to other travellers.
Gary, Australia | 20 March 2017

Really relaxed, comfortable place to eat. Great food in a fabulous setting.
Vanessa & Dare, UK | 18 March 2017

I have travelled across four continents for over many years including 38 years of visiting Bali. Tonight’s dinner was probably one of the best in my life. My wife and I are in Bali for our honeymoon. bridges Bali made it very special with a stunning meal and wonderful service from Eka. Thank you so much and we look forward to our next visit.
David, Australia | 17 March 2017

Spontaneous visit to bridges! Lovely food and the staff were very friendly and helpful especially Niti and Purnami. Would love to come back in the future. Highly recommend to friends and family! 5 stars.
Amber, UK | 15 March 2017

Had dinner at bridges to celebrate 2 friends birthdays. Re-dinner cocktails were fantastic. Food was even better. A fantastic evening. Will come again. Terima kasih.
Cathy, Australia | 8 March 2017

We had a wonderfully romantic time dining at bridges, the running river water, music & menu are awesome additions to the great ambiance! Our waiter was lovely & the service was superb. We came here for dinner to celebrate and we are very glad we did. We will be back on our next adventure here in Ubud!
Jade, USA | 7 March 2017

Thanks for a great night & surprise wedding anniversary plate. The food is always excellent! This is our favorite restaurant in Ubud, Bali. All the best.
Matthew, Austria | 3 March 2017

Good food, good location, and very friendly staff!
Jenny, The Netherlands | 1 March 2017

Lovely service, beautiful view, and delicious food.
Josh & Natasha, Switzerland | 28 February 2017

The meal got a lot of a good flavor, very good to eat. Great service, polite and kind waitress. Good view by the restaurant and look very great inside as well. Will surely come back again. ūüôā
Helene, Norway | 27 February 2017

Amazing food, amazing atmosphere, amazing service.
Charmaine, Singapore | 27 February 2017

Exceptional food on the Tasting Menu. Chocolate Orange Mousse was amazing! Will definitely recommend to friends who visit Ubud. Service was very good and attentive to every details. Beautiful view at night.
Tanje, Australia | 20 February 2017

Excellent food and service. A very professional restaurant with excellent location and staff. Highly recommended.
Phil, Australia | 20 February 2017

We have eaten at some very exquisite restaurants all over Asia. This is the best we have experienced. Food & service is very difficult to fault.
Renae, Australia | 17 February 2017

Food and service was amazing. We would definitely come back next time we are in Ubud. Thank you!!!
Michelle, Australia | 16 February 2017

No criticism! Only raise another expectation of meal & service!
John, Australia | 14 February 2017

My husband and I choose the tasting menu and absolutely loved every single course. The service was perfect – we couldn’t ask for more! One of the best meal we’ve had in a long time!
Pamela, Austria | 13 February 2017

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening. The food was amazing and the service was outstanding. Our waiter was friendly & made us feel very comfortable. Thanks again.
Rachel, United Kingdom | 10 February 2017

A wonderful night with delightful food. Both the lamb and the barramundi were excellent. And what amazing staff.
J-O & Maria, Sweden | 09 February 2017

Fantastic view, service and food. Will definitely be back again next time we visit this beautiful part of Bali. Terima Kasih!
Sophie & Michelle, Australia | 09 February 2017

Stunning food & wonderful location.. Looking forward to our next visit.
Sharon, United Kingdom | 07 February 2017

Meal expectation is No; But in a good way, because I expect less and it exceeded my expectation! Good! Service expectations; Yes.
Kinan, Indonesia | 23 January 2017

Everything was amazing. The food, the service, the environment are spectacular. Thank you for helping us celebrate our honeyoon with indulgence.
Sp, Canada | 13 January 2017

Excellent food, beautiful service. Staff very friendly.
Paul, United Kingdom | 07 January 2017

We always dine at bridges when visiting Ubud. As usual the food quality, presentation, creativity, were all exemplary. Service was excellent with attentive staff who were friendly & informative. Thank you for another memorable fine dining experience.
Graham, Australia | 07 January 2017

Many thanks, I think I have just had the best food dinning experience ever. Food is lovely, service & staff brilliant. You have made our 21st wedding anniversary truly something to remember.
Mrs. C Peld, Australia | 06 January 2017

Did not disappoint. Great service and wonderful food. A must when in Ubud. Will return.
Sonia, Australia | 02 January 2017

Amazing meal and incredible wine list. (In fact, I’d come back just for the wine alone). Thank you for a great NYE! Nicole
Nicole, Australia | 01 January 2017

Wonderful meal! Beautifully presented and tasty too. We can’t wait to come back.
Liz, Australia | 26 December 2016

Wonderful food, beautiful ambience, and excellent service! Will definitely be back. Thank you very much. Best wishes for the New Year!
Gemma, Australia | 25 December 2016

Everything was great! Good food, amazing place/location, very romantic atmosphere & music! Perfect service! Thank you!
Alex, Russia | 23 December 2016

The food was wonderful and the service was first class. Thank you for a great evening.
Londa, Australia | 22 December 2016

It was such a divine, unique dining experience. Thank you! The view is just breathtaking, the food was matching, and the staff was excellent! Thank you! Merry Christmas and all the best to the New Year!
Timea, Australia | 21 December 2016

Beyond our expectations! We loved the atmosphere, view and of course the food!
Sarah, Australia | 13 December 2016

The service was excellent, the staffs were extremely lovely. They concern to my special request & were so accommodating. The food was magnificent! Thank you for an amazing experience.
Nadiyah, Australia | 11 December 2016

This was the best meal we have in Bali!!! The food was delicious, the service was wonderful & the view was great! We will be back! Thank you for a fantastic evening.
Scott & Elizabeth, United States of America | 06 December 2016

Great mains, dessert (mousse) & coffee. Attentive staff. Very good experience!
Bjorn & Rebecca, Sweden | 03 December 2016

The appetizer & the dessert gifts were simply delicious & a gorgeous surprise. The dinner/main meals were beautiful. Thank you!
Com & Carol, Australia | 02 December 2016

Really excellent having Rahul choose a wine for us. It is not easy finding a lovely wine like he suggested but it made our night! Thank you all! Will be recommending to everyone.
Kayle & Gav, Australia | 27 November 2016

bridges was an amazing dining experience. The staff and service made everything more enjoyable. And the food had the best quality. You can tell they really make an effort to find the best local ingredients. Highly recommended!
Juan, USA | 26 November 2016

Inspiring dinner, professional, elegant staff and surroundings. We’ll be back AGAIN.
Martin, Italy | 19 November 2016

Waitstaff was gracious & fun! Lovely views. We need to come back for lunch! We will tell our friends too!
Kris, USA | 14 November 2016

Exquisite food, friendly staff! Nice setting. All ingredients are present for a perfect dinner. Thank you for this experience!
Charlotte & Matthew, Belgium | 09 November 2016

The dinner and service were both amazing! The flavours were incredible! The staff were friendly, knowledgable & proffesional (almost as funny as my husband) a memorable evening here at bridges! Thank you!
Marika, Australia | 09 November 2016

Amazing food with amazing service. Thank you for making our night so pleasurable. We will be recomending your restaurant to everyone we know.
Rebecca, Australia | 06 November 2016

We absolutely adored dining at bridges, the service was impeccable as was the food. Thanks so much for a magical evening! We will definitely be back!
Richard, Australia | 06 November 2016

Great food, awesome ambiance, and very attentive service. We tried the dinner tasting & pairing. They were amazing. Thank you for the extra special dinner out.
Rachel & Pete, Canada | 04 November 2016

Great atmosphere, service and food. Adi was a good server – efficient, friendly and knew his staff. Thanks!
Shimul, India | 02 November 2016

Thank you for tonight! The food and the service was fantastic as well was the atmosphere! Good wines. Will recommend it!
Amanda & Johan, Sweden | 31 October 16

Excellent service, excellent food and excellent views. Couldn’t ask for a better dining experience in an authentic Bali setting that also feels Michelin starred. Will be back!
Phillips, United Kingdom | 27 October 16

Great service, food was exceptional, beautiful atmosphere. Staff are very knowledgeable & lovely! See you next year!
Steph & Marty, Australia | 20 October 16

We both really enjoyed our meal. The food was delicious as were the cocktails. The staff were amazing too. I had the best birthday meal here! Thank you so much!
Rosie, United Kingdom | 18 October 16

“We enjoyed the menu! The dessert was excellent and completed the fine dining in this beautiful place. Thanks for the good service. Greetings from Paula Goven to Claude.”
Maring & Luk, Belgium | 17 October 17

Awesome cocktails & desserts! Hope to come back soon!!
Manisha, India | 16 October 16

First time in Ubud and a very nice experience in bridges. We used to come to Bali for more than 30 years, but I would say bridges is one of our best try. Keep going!
Philippe, France | 12 October 16

What a beautiful evening! (1) We couldn’t have asked for better, service & food was incredible. (2) Setting is incredible and the atmosphere in the restaurant & bar is perfect. (3) Knowledge & courtesy of staff is great.
Yenny, The Netherlands | 11 October 16

The food was awesome, service was great. I love this place.
Agnes, Philippines | 10 October 16

“I am blown away by this meal! After a week from hell being stuck in bed at my hotel with a fever & positive miserable, this is my last night in Ubud & this meal was the perfect compensation, what an amazing service & a meal to blast all over Facebook & Instagram. Thank you kindly, Sharon.”
Sharon, United States of America | 07 October 16

Thank you for great service & beautiful food. I will tell all my friends about this beautiful place. Thank you so much. Will deffinitely be back again!
Megan, Australia | 03 October 16

Dining at bridges was a wonderful experience. Everyting from service, food, drinks and atmosphere were perfect. We are going to book a new table right away.
Louise, Denmark | 30 September 16

We very much enjoyed our special evening at bridges. The food was amazing and service even better! We really enjoyed our special honeymoon dessert and scenic table.
O’Vellen, Ireland | 28 September 16

The food was wonderful. Staff was polite, professional and welcoming. Really enjoyed our meal and beautiful atmosphere.
Ivana, Canada | 17 September 16

We have challenging dietary meals, but the man definitely took care of everything and we had a great, delicious dinning experience!
Elizabeth, Brazil | 14 September 16

Amazing food. Wonderful staffs. Fantastic venue! Would recommend to everyone. Thank you so much!
Sue, Australia | 13 September 16

We have been here numerous times over the past 3 years. The service and food are always excellent. We will be back again and again! Many thanks!
Amber, Australia | 12 September 16

We spent our silver wedding anniversary here and had a lovely time. We would recommend to others. Thank you for making our day so special.
Jon, UK | 11 September 16

The meal was amazing, flavours were all fabulous and we would recommend this to people visiting Ubud in future. The service was excellent! We really enjoyed our evening.
Alex, UAE | 09 September 16

Meals are very well-presented and almost too nice to eat. Menu fantastic. Food to die for. Service is great, staff all friendly, helpful and lovely. Loved your restaurant, would take you home to Australia. Thank you!
Jill Crisp & P. Green, Australia | 05 September 16

“We live in San Francisco, California, USA. The food where we come from is nothing short of amazing! Tonight, our expectation were exceeded way beyond any thing we could have imagined. The food was perfect and delicious. The service superb. Truely a once in a life time experience. The Freedmans.”
Mr and Mrs. Freedman, USA | 05 September 16

A lovely meal for our last night of our honeymoon. Compliment to the chef. Fantastic gluten free options.
Peter, Scotland | 22 August 16

We had a very enjoyable time here. The waiters & waitress were very friendly and professional. The food was excellent (The Lamb Trio) and we are very much would return next time in Ubud. The bar was also great for pre-dinner drink. To be honest, we had such a good time we might go ahead and call our third child “Bridges”!
Evan, United Kingdom | 19 August 16

The view is amazing! Best food in Ubud. I had Chicken & it was amazing! The staffs are friendly. A great evening overall. See you bridges next time we are in Bali! Thank you
Cameron, South Africa | 19 August 16

A Stunning setting with fantastic service from start to finish. The food was well presented & delicious. We particulary appreciated the sommelier who was able to talk about different grapes! Overall – a super dining experience with a great atmosphere – we will came back!
Caroline, United Kingdom | 14 August 16

Thank you for a wonderful meal – it exceeded our expectations. Very peaceful and relaxing setting made for a lovely evening. 10/10+
Amy, United Kingdom | 10 August 16

Another sensational experience at a first class restaurant. The service is exceptional with very friendly staff. The food is five star quality. Thank you for a wonderful night. Highly recommended.
Karina, Australia | 09 August 16

The service was very good. The waiters are always right on time for every need. The food was delicious, and made with quality products. The place is also a must see in Ubud
Pareja, Switzerland | 07 August 16

“As always, a wonderful evening of delicious food, prepared & served beautifully. We love the surrounds atmosphere & lovely staff. – Joe & Gail”
Joe & Gail, Australia | 05 August 16

“Absolutely fantastic food & such a wonderful, hospitable service. Our meal here has definitely been one of our favourites here in Ubud. Thank you for the amazing desserts. And thank you for making our honeymoon feel extra bit special. – Jayna & Viren”
Jayna, United Kingdom | 03 August 16

“Thanks bridges for a great experience! Beautiful view, lovely people & delicious food. Little bit of heaven ‚ô°. Hope to see you again someday. – Suzanne & Sandra.”
Suzanne, The Netherlands | 01 August 16

This Restaurant is amazing & my favorite by far. Exceptional view & service. My daughter loved the kids menu & said they were the best chicken nuggets she has ever had. Thank you, will be back.
Belinda, Australia | 31 July 16

It was a lovely service at the restaurant today. The menu was excellent & diverse. The taste was delicious and presentation was excellent. Staffs were very friendly & we were really taken back by the ‘surprise’ chocolates for our anniversary! I would highly recommend your restaurant. Keep up the good work!
Siva, India | 30 July 16

Thoroughly enjoyed our meals. The service/hospitality will definitely recommend and return on our next stay in Ubud. Thank you.
Laura, Australia | 27 July 16

Really good range of vegetarian choices. Making it difficult to pick!. Really beautiful setting, excellent service and brilliant selection of wines room around the world! Thank you.
Jade, England | 22 July 16

We’ve been travelling for one year now and it’s the best meal that we’ve had. The entrees, the main dishes, the dessert and the wine menu all delicious. Purnami, our waitress, was great. She was polite and informed us about the different meals. I wanted to plan a special night for my wife’s 30 th birthday and you’ve exceeded my expectation. Merci beaucoup, Matheiu Henry
Mathieu, Canada | 13 July 16

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. All the wait staffs have been very expert and the sommelier was very helpful. The menu was top-class. We thank you. We will certainly recommend you to our friends in Australia
Linda, Australia | 10 July 16

Our group, Holy Healing Bali, absolutely LOVED bridges. Service was outstanding and the food was perfect! We have been here for 8 days and our group of twenty voted this has been our favourite spot for food so far. Thank you for your love for food and service! The Healing Legacy.
The Healing Legacy, USA | 08 July 16

Beautiful meal, recommended by a friend who had been here a year ago. Service, ambiance & food excellent. 10/10.
Sarah, Ireland | 06 July 16

Dear bridges team, our meals were outstanding, really delicious and we enjoy every bite. Also, the service staff was attentive and friendly. Thank you, we will come again.
Heyer, Switzerland | 05 July 16

We loved everything. The food was beyond our expectations. Our server had amazing customer service skills. He made our night! He was attentive, friendly & provided great services. We leave happily & satisfy! Widi, thank you so much you are awesome!
Ellie, USA | 04 July 16

We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary at bridges today. From the moment we walked to paying the bill, the customer experience has been truly amazing. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere here is so beautiful, thank you for making our anniversary day so wonderful.
Neerajal & Prashanth, Canada | 03 July 16

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening on our 25th wedding anniversary day. Great food, service and view. You made it special!
Matts, Sweden | 29 June 16

What an incredible Ubud discovery! The food and service were both incredible. Fine dinning at its best! We will be back.
Charlie & Anna, Australia | 26 June 16

Beautiful setting, overlooking the river. Amazing food and top quality service from all of the staff. Will recommend to friends visiting Ubud. Ben & Lauren
Lauren, England | 24 June 16

Both the food & service was outstanding. Thank you for making our Ubud experience one to remember.
Raisin, Ireland | 20 June 16

The place is breathtaking with gorgeous view of the spring. Meals are delicious and very well-served, while the service is simply amazing!! Thank you for offering us such a nice time.
Piotr, Poland | 12 June 16

Foods are exceptional, cooked to perfection. Service very high standard, welcoming and friendly. Food waiting times are excellent in between courses! Small extras such as bread etc, increase the standards. Lovely meal. Thank you ūüôā
Lisa, Australia | 15 June 16

Thank you for a really wonderful evening at your beautiful restaurant. The service was exceptional, the foods are delicious and the wine is divine. Would highly recommend this place to anyone. Much love.
Melony, Canada | 10 June 16

Five star service, with beautiful waiters & waitresses. Absolutely amazing food! Thank you so much for a wonderful night. Will remember for a long time.
Lennard, Australia | 09 June 16

Excellent food. Best that I have ever tried in Ubud. Surprising own expectations. Love the Barramundi – so fresh! Duck Breast, perfect! Delicious sauce! Great Service. Brilliant, keep it up.
Calvin, Singapore | 04 June 16

Amazing settings! Truly beautiful. Food cooked to perfect with a beautiful Balinese twist. Very high quality. Thank you!
Jennifer, UK | 01 June 16

The table was decorated with rose petals which made me so happy. On the top of that, the sweet surprise was so amazing. You guys made our day . I loved the romantic dinner. Amazing service. Thank you

Shilpa & Prashant, India | 31 May 2016

Absolutely amazing meal with fantastic and friendly service. A great way to start our two weeks in Bali.

Oskar & Tracey, Ireland | 29 May 2016

The meal was delicious and perfectly presented. Great service. Thank you!!!

Amira, Egypt | 26 May 2016

Hi! We loved our food, the service was fantastic, every servers are so friendly, helpful & knowlegeable. Great food & ambiance. Would definately recommend this place. Thank you!!!

Arthi, South Africa | 25 May 2016

Delicious and nutritious. Very good service. Amazing meal – Vegetarian Creation Green Curry sauce was delicious. Super sweet!!! Wow. Every reduction was cooked to perfection. Delicious meal, can’t wait to come back.

Will, USA | 24 May 2016

We were pleasantly surprised with the complimentary bread and dessert. The food was amazing & creative. Was nice to see gluten free options. Would definitely recommend.

Ingrid, Australia | 21 May 2016

Excellent food, drink and service! We had barramundi and it was amazingly good. Thanks bridges. P.S. Great ambiance too. We were served by Setyani, great service.

Rachma, Indonesia | 18 May 2016

This is the best restaurant I’ve tried in Bali so far and one of the best I’ve tried in my lifetime. Food exceeds my expectation and I am impressed with the well trained & knowledgeable servers. I’ve nothing but good things to say about bridges. I’ll definatelycome back again the next time I come to Ubud. My appetite was whet. ūüôā

Vanitha, Malaysia | 14 May 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed the meal and service at bridges. An amazing choice for a romantic dinner on our honeymoon. The table dressed with rose petals and palate with chocolate and strawberry wishing us a happy honeymoon was a lovely touch. Thank you!

Rachel, Australia | 07 May 2016

The dinner is great, all the dishes are well presented and very tasty. The service is excellent as well.

Gras, France | 04 May 2016

The food = amazing. The cocktails = amazing. Staff = beautiful. Atmosphere = wow. Thank you for making my mother’s birthday so beautiful. Terima Kasih.

Lana, Australia | 24 April 2016

Delicious food, enjoyed it very much. Close your eyes, pick a dish! You won’t to be dissapointed. Amazing all around.

Mirjam, Switzerland | 20 April 2016

Excellent meal, wines were marvelous we enjoyed bridges experience. We will recommend this restaurant to other french travellers to Bali.

Boisson, France | 19 April 2016

We all enjoyed our meals. The children all agreed that was the best meal the had. We will come back again when next in Ubud.

Kay, Australia | 16 April 2016

Food was amazing! Best food we’ve in Bali by far not only was the food sensational, service and atmosphere & view was ambiance. Will be back.

Luren, Canada | 12 April 2016

Amazing food, loved everything we ordered. The staff are all nice, polite, & helpfull. Great music, great decor, just perfection. Keep it up.

Rawan, Lebanon | 11 April 2016

The perfect dinner for honeymooners and delicious food. A must try restaurant ūüôā

Ibrahim, Jordan | 10 April 2016

It is a great experience all around – lovely service, delicious food, beautiful setting. I loved your herbal teas selection as I like herbal tea and restaurants don’t usually have much to choose from. Best food we had in Bali so far and one of the best ever. Brilliant customer service. When I am back in Ubud, I will come here again.

Barbara, Poland | 9 April 2016

The meal was exceptionally delicious and the service staff were very honest and attentive. I would recommend this restaurant to friend.

Angelo, Canada | 27 March 2016

The service was fantastic. The food was magnificent. I can’t remember the last time I had such an enjoyable experience. Thank you!!!

Citra, Indonesia | 25 March 2016

Everything was perfect! Beautiful location! Kind & attentive professional service, delicious food.

David & Alison, USA | 20 March 2016

We loved everything! Beautiful atmosphere, perfect service and every dish was incredible. Thank You!!

Anastasia, USA | 19 March 2016

A well-rounded experience. Meal was excellent and the service grateful and gentle. An experience that will live in my memory and all.

Kennan, USA | 12 March 2016

Excellent value for money. Beautiful ambiance, wonderfully friendly & informed staff. Food was exquisite and tremendously tasty. Our first visit but we will definitely return on our next trip to Ubud.

Sarah, UK | 10 March 2016

Fabulous food and wonderful setting and service! We will be back!

Teresa, USA | 7 March 2016

Dear bridges team, thank you so much for having us. We spent a wonderful evening. Surrounded by this beautiful nature & views. We will definitely recommend this place to our friends and can’t wait to come back. A warm compliment to this brilliant service & food.

Marilys & Michael, Germany | 5 March 2016

Lovely place, wonderful food and service. We had a great time. Thank you!

Isabelle, Canada | 4  March 2016

So very romantic! The view is breathtaking and the service is exceptional. This is the best in Ubud and you shouldn’t miss enjoying an evening here.

Billie, USA | 1 March 2016

We had something to celebrate and decided to choose “bridges” what a wonderful experience! Thank you for making my mother’s birthday extra special!! Look forward to see you soon again!

Eeleo, NL | 19 February 2016

Brilliant experience, very attentive waiters and personalised service. Food was fantastic, we would definitely recommend bridges to our friends.

Belinda, Australia | 16 February 2016

We visited Bridges as a last minute decision and it turned out to be a very special night. Pre dinner drink in the bar overlooking a spectacular view of the river. We then went upstairs for dinner. The food was spectacular and the staff very attentive, highly recommend and will return.

Mark, UK | 14 February 2016

A beautiful meal in beautiful surroundings. Excellent service from a very professional staff. Thank you, we will be back.

Lynn, HK | 13 February 2016

It was the best restaurant for us in Bali. Beautiful view and delicious meals.

Tibor, Hungary | 13 February 2016

Lovely atmosphere and wonderful service delicious food! Very reasonably priced for quality of experience.

Anne, USA | 10 February 2016

Most romantic restaurant in Ubud – with delicious food – wonderfully attentive staff and divine atmosphere. Couldn’t find better!

Jeremy, Britain | 9 February 2016

Great service! Your staff is your principal asset & the reason why people come back. The food choice in the menu is also excellent. Will be back and will recommend to others.

Gareth, Singapore | 8 February 2016

Really amazing food, atmosphere and staff! Had a great time! Definitely recommend this restaurant.

Moira, Norway | 7 February 2016

We have just enjoyed an absolutely amazing meal. We cannot fault it at all. the food was so delicious, and the staff were absolutely first class. Thank you bridges for a wonderful experience.

Elase, Australia | 2 February 2016

Setting, food and service all exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied with our experience here and would be glad to recommend your restaurant to others. Thank you!!!

Amanda, USA | 21 January 2016

The quality of the meal and service was perfect – stunning combinations of flavours and very attentive. A real treat for the two of us. Many thanks for another gorgeous evening at bridges.

Amy & Michael | 21 January 2016

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most amazing experience. We are truly thank you! P.S: bring back the DIVINE FRIDAYS at the FRONT of your restaurant. Fabulous.

Jenny, Australia | 20 January 2016

Absolutely amazing. The best meal we have had anywhere in the world for a long time. Beautifiul setting & gracious attentive staff. Thank you so much.

Menha & Hans | 16 January 2016

This is the best restaurant in Ubud your are professional here and the service was excellent!

Anita, Sweden | 12 January 2016

Great service, wonderful experience. Glad to come back one day.

Alex Germany | 11 January 2016

Bridges exceeded our expectations. We loved everything we ate and the staff were very attentive. We look forward to coming back. Thank you!!!

Claudia, Australia | 6 January 2016

I am so glad we chose for our first night in Bali. A breath taking view & a wonderful throughtfully put together meal added to the experience. My favorite dish was lobster Raviollo. The wine pairing were excellent too. Will definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Bali.

Madhura, India | 31 December 2015

A Fantastic night . The wine bar is wonderful. your staff are fantastic and your food. we will be back!! Go the raiders!!

Inez, Australia | 26 December 2015

All your staff were very polite and professional. Our waiter was Sam. He was both friendly & attentive, giving us excellent quality of service. Once again we are impressed by the amazing quality of the food. We will be back again & will keep recommend bridges to all and friends.

Liz, Australia | 19 December 2015

Lovely location, faultless service and fabulous food. There was even a kids menu for our kiddies! We enjoyed our lunch very much. Thank you.

Karen, Australia | 19 December  2015

5/5 – the best meal I have ever had. This is our second visit to bridges and once again, we were very impressed. Service was amazing, friendly, efficient & professional. Food was perfect – could not fault anything. Ambiance was great – very romantic. Thank you so much.

Andrew, Australia | 17 December 2015

We have appreciated every moments during our visit to Bridges. Thanks to the staff, the chef and the sommelier. We will come back for sure on our next visit to Bali.

Danielle, Canada | 16 December 2015

What a lovely setting for our 20th wedding anniversary. The rose petals are a lovely touch. The meals are of the highest quality, and the staff are a very attentive.

Paula, Australia | 7 December 2015

Thank you for the delicious menu – we loved the tapas style and being able to try many defferent things. Terima kasih.

Rodela & Jonas, Singapore | 3 December 2015

We love the restaurant!!! Very good, the food, the location, the view to the river. Service was very good. The waiter was very nice and very helpful. Thank you very much for the honeymoon gift.

Feupe & Fernanda, Chile | 25 November 2015

We enjoyed a great dinner in a very pleasant environment. Great service, excellent food!

Rudi, Germany | 21 November 2015

Thank you for a perfect service. Staff introduced us to courses and wine, and we were very happy with our choices! Coming back here again.

Leva, Lithuania | 7 November 2015

An amazing meal for our 1st wedding anniversary. The food was spectacular, the service was 1st class. Will come again when in Ubud. Thank you for making our night wonderful.

Michelle, Australia | 7 November 2015

Everything was great, food was delicious, view was beautiful and our waiter was perfect. Thank you!!!

Mariana, Mexico | 4 November 2015

Loved loved bridges! This was recommend to us by our friend, that’s has previous been here. Now I will recommend it to other Australian, friends traveling here.

Clara, Australia | 29 October 2015

You were booked out at our last visit. So we made sure to book this time and it was definitely worth the wait. Great staff & food. Thank you!!!

Vic & Wilma, Australia | 22 October  2015

Absolutely lovely. European serving staff could learn a lot from you. First successfull European / Asian fusion we tasted. Bridges seeing to get perfect name from this restaurant, concerning location, but also the fusion of two cuisines. Thank you for a lovely dinner.

Susan & Tim | 20 October 2015

We have thoroughly enjoyed our meals at Bridges, the service was excellent. I will recommend your restaurant to any of my friends who intend to travel to Bali in the future & coming to Ubud. I wish you every success with your business.

Margo, Australia | 15 October 2015

Very good dining experience. Good ambiance. Food was first class (came down together). Highly recommendable. Good wine sommelier, very nice

Baumann, Switzerland | 10 October 2015

Excellent delicious meal. We thoroughly enjoyed the wine, food, dessert and atmosphere. Service was delightful. Best In Bali

Tara, USA | 9 October 2015

Lovely service – Thank you for acknowledging our honeymoon – perfect view of the bridge – excellent & attentive service. Food was delicious – had a lovely romantic table. We will definitely be back next time we are in Ubud. Stephanie & Dean Russell

Stephanie, UK| 6 October 2015

Great experience. service was amazing very professional staff. Food incredible. Best lava cake ever. Great place definitely coming back and will recommend to my friends.

Andre & Leidy, Brazil | 5 October 2015

Thank you for a wonderful evening. The food was fantastic and very kind & friendly staff. We surely recommend Bridges on Trip adviser.

Jeroen & Michelle, Holland |4 October 2015

2nd time have been here, it lived up to our memories. Exceptional cocktails, good service, lovely wines & stunning setting. I usually like to provide some constructive advice, but honestly nothing comes to mind. Well done! We’ll be back again.

Ruairi & Linz | 3 October 2015

Great atmosphere for a dinner somewhat different than traditional Indonesian dinner. Lovely setting where you really feel like dining somewhere completely different. Thank you

Mara, Holland | 29 September 2015

The dessert was the best that we ate in Ubud. All the dishes were amazing and our server was very nice (Luis). Thank you for the service and thank you for receiving us, because we had no reservation.

Marisa Rodrigues, Portugal | 21 September  2015

We enjoyed our conversations with the sommelier very much, and the result was excellent. The dishes we ordered were very nicely done. Wonderful intense mix of flavours. Bread, Amuse buse and palate cleanser were very nice. So sorry, no complaints!

Greg Kruse, USA | 20 September  2015

Great food!! The duck was exceptional, awesome service. Ambiance is beautiful overall. A++

Patty Espinosa, USA | 19 September  2015

Everything was excellent. We enjoyed a perfect evening. Never expected such a restaurant here in Bali. All the best for you.

Prasuhn, Germany | 18 September  2015

We have had the best night & might that on honeymoon, and what a wonderful experience! Beautiful, delicious food & amazing service. You should be very proud.

Cristina Cando, London РUK | 16 September 2015

Amazing food. We were very impressed! Adi is an awesome waiter and the cocktails were spectacular! Exquisite food, service and ambiance. I could not fault a single point. Much appreciated. Adi was a great host!

Hayden & Silvana, Australia | 15 September 2015

We would recommend this place to anyone who enjoys an amazing meal. From cocktail with canapes to starter & main, simply perfect! Big thanks to our waiter, his smile light up an entire restaurant. We’ll be back! From Belgium with Love.

Liesbeth, Belgium |14 September 2015

Very nice and attentive service! Excellent dinner and wines. We have spot a beautiful and romantic moment. Friends of ours recommend this restaurant to us. We heve not been disapponted. Beautiful moment, nice dinner, great wines. Perfect evening

Leonie & Clement, France | 13 September 2015

The food was excellent, both taste and how it was presented. The service was also excellent. All the waiters were nice and the timing of serving us both with food and wine at the same time. The constantly refilling with water was good. Thank you!!!

Ingebjorg S. Hidal, Norway | 12 September 2015

Fantastic food, & views to match. Great wine list, and reasonably priced (especialy the wine of the month) we’ll be back! PS. Rose Petals were a very nice touch, thank you!!!

Paul Symes, UK | 8 September  2015

Thank you very much for everything you have done for us tonight. The table, roses & happy anniversary massage were all amazing. Food and Drink were all lovely. Again thank you very much.

John Green, England | 1 September 2015

This restaurant find was absolutely divine. The cuisine outstanding and inspirational. The vino marriage perfect and the staff warm & delightful. I wish I could keep it my little secret. Impossible.

Dean & Anjan, Australia | 22 August 2015

Food was amazing, beautiful setting and staff were wonderful. Delightful from start to finish!

Rosemary Tully, Ireland | 18 August 2015

We are very impressive that your kindness and service. The cuisines are very excellent. We will visit here again next time travel in Ubud. Thank you

Ji Eun Yang, Korea | 17 August 2015

The dinner at Bridges was has been one of the nicest moments of our honeymoon in Bali so far. The environment is unbeatable, and it really offers you peace of mind no matter how hard has been. The dishes will remind in our memory for years furthermore and they really took special care of us.

Mare & Lena, Belgium | 12 August 2015

The food was divine and had superb service. It catered well to all of our needs. It has a very friendly environment and comfortable atmosphere. Thank you very much for your service and we look forward to re-visiting Bridges.

Zoe, Hongkong | 8 August 2015

This was our first time at Bridges. we came here tonight to celebrate our Honeymoon. Thank you so so much for making this such a memorable night for us!! The beautiful and kind staff (in their traditional clothes), the absolutely amazing food! the beautiful view!! This night was perfect!!

Tea & Jason, Canada | 7 August 2015

Fantastic service, food exceeded our high expectations. If we happen to come back to Ubud, we would love to visit Bridges again! Thank you!

Ellen Duffy, Ireland | 4 August 2015

Beautiful setting, sensational food, excellent service. Love the little extras and attention to detail. Value for money.

Harmony, Australia | 1 August 2015

This is our 2nd time visiting Ubud, and Bridges had became a must go experience each time we come to this city. The service is top notch, comparable to any fine restaurant I have encountered. The food also delicious, and ambiance is special. Keep up the incredible place you have, we love it.

Matthew Scott, Singapore | 26 July 2015

From stepping out of the car and the warm welcome offered by the staff on arrival the whole experience has been exceptional. The wine and canapes were amazing and it just got better. The starter and main meals were fantastic making for a very memorable meal for us both. Thanks very much for making my partner 40th birthday amazing. Tasty & memorable. Excellent from stepping in to stepping out.

Victoria & Mike | 23 July 2015

The service personal was very friendly and attentive. The ambiance and the food where perfect. We would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is travelling to Bali. In general it was perfect. We will leave a good comment at Trip advisor.

Phillip Weibel, Switzerland | 22 July 2015

Thank you! Absolutely fabulous evening. Food was exceptional. Huge compliments to the kitchen. Fantastic. Front of house service also outstanding well done guys. You should be proud.

Ross Maclean, Dubai, UAE | 20 July 2015

Beautiful lunch in wonderful setting. A 60th birthday was celebrated here and the ‘birthday girl’ was made to feel very special. Thank you. Would recommand and definitely would return in the future. Very attentive staff too.

Rebecca Unsworty, UK | 14 July 2015

Our group (10 persons) found the food to be very delicious!! The service was really beyond expectations!

Frank, Belgium | 12 July 2015

We felt spoiled! An amazing night. Unbelievable food & very good service! Thank you!

Leijden, Dutch | 11 July 2015

We have traveled for 2 weeks in Bali. At this trip, this has by far been the best food, service & setting. We would highly recommend Bridges & will be back.

Jennifer, Mexico | 9 July 2015

Absolutely amazing evening. Food & service outstanding. The views from the table were amazing. We also were given a padlock to lock onto the tree. All this was boked as a surprise by our daughter to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Thank you very much.

Lisa Mansell, UK | 8 July 2015

It was really a fantastic experience in the restaurant. The food is beyond compose and the service is thinkful and kind. We hope to have a beautiful time here next time in Ubud. Thanks for your rose. Hope come back next time and will recommend to friends.

Wendy & Sanon, China | 2 July 2015

This is our favorite restaurant in Bali. So creative and delicious! Thank you for your ideas, efforts and culinary delights.

Sarah Wood, Timor Leste + USA | 30 June 2015

Fabulous dinning experience! Service was great very friendly staff with great communication skills. The palate cleanser, hand towels and complimentary entrees made the experience just that much better than any other restaurant in Bali. Thank you for a very pleasant dinning experience!

Charlotte Orange, New Zealand |27 June 2015

I’ve made reservation one month ago, for my honeymoon. Tonight we came and enjoyed the good view, nice wine, delicious dinner and lovely service. It was a wonderful dinner time!

Li Wei, Japan | 25 June 2015

The wine list is great. We can see each wine is selected with great care. The food is amazing. All asian flavour with local product and perfect dressing without the “too much spicy side”. Exceptional service, reflecting the balinese kindness and the western perfectionism. Always a great moment, Highly recommended!

Morel, France | 21 June 2015

Very nice food and ambiance. Good Job.

Rhea Ghorayeb, Lebanon | 17 June 2015

Great setting, great touch with pallet cleanser and amouche bouche. Staff were very attentive and had good knowledge of the menu. Five stars! The person I was with loved it also

Leah, Scotland | 15 June 2015

I am a food journalist so I am very picky when it comes to food. This experience was perfect! Lovely food and service. Beautiful surroundings and the highlight ‚Äė the French wine specialist‚Äô. He made our night like the best. Loved it! Will return.

Tobba, Iceland | 15 June 2015

This was, most probably, the best meal we have ever had. Perfect portions, wonderful taste & excellent service. Thank you so much. When we come back to Bali, we will be back & sending our friends.

Emily & Nick, England | 13 June 2015

We had a 100% service & 100% meals. Thank you.

Boross, Hungary | 13 June 2015

Excellent meal and very knowledgeable sommelier!

Leonad, Brazil/UK | 9 June 2015

We found your restaurant extremely pleasant to be in. The staff were efficient and friendly, attentive without putting too much pressure on. The food was top class. We are from the Margaret River wine district & enjoy good reastaurants. You are equal & surpassing them. Thank you for a lovely evening.

Debby & Gary, Australia | 25 May 2015

We came up to Ubud from Uluwatu. Just to eat at bridges. The food and service excellent as always.

Hai Van, USA | 23 May 2015

We had read online that Bridges was good ‚Äď so we came with high expectations. Bridges exceeded them! The food was the best we have had in Bali and the staff were very friendly + helpful. We can‚Äôt wait to come back again!

Melinda, Australia| 19 May 2015

Our second paradise! Terimakasih.

Sil, Netherlands | 18 May 2015

Thank you for a wonderful evening, great food, lovely atmosphere and fantastic service. You made us feel welcome and at home! Best meal we have had in Bali so far. Couldn‚Äôt fault the night. We will definately be back next time we are in Bali ‚Äď Ubud.

Michelle & Tony, Australia |16 May 2015

Food we ate was great. And the view here is so wonderful. I want to recommend this restaurant to my friends in Korea. Thank you.

Dada, Korea | 10 May 2015

Exceptional quality, delicious! Presentation and taste superb. Fantastic service. Amazing gelato! Thank you. 10/10 on all traits. Congratulations on running such an excellent restaurant.

Rachelle, Australia | 8 May 2015

We very much enjoyed our amazing meal. Thank you. The reviews match up to the service & food.

Gery, UK | 7 May 2015

Thank you for seating us next to the river and allowing us to dine at your wonderful establishment even though we didn’t have any prior reservation. Your staff are friendly and knowledgeable!

G.C.Tan, Malaysia | 3 May 2015

Excellent food and wine. For the children it was perfect too. Very friendly.

Barkan, France  | 2 May 2015

Great ambiance, romantic place. The food was good and presented very well. Lava cake for dessert was perfect. Nice service, informative with the menu. The sound of the river flow completed our perfect dinner tonight. Thank you Bridges Bali.

Karla, Indonesia | 1 May 2015

Everything was just perfect! It was a great dinner, and a remarkable experience. Thank You!

Diego, Brazil | 28 Apr 2015

Super quality. Super service. Beautiful location. Very very good.

Fabienne, Svizzera | 28 Apr 2015

The wine master class by Antoine was most enjoyable. The service / staff efficient and courteous – as always in Bali. Thank you.

Philip, Australia | 24 Apr 2015

Tonight my husband and I celebrated our honeymoon here. It is our first Friday night as husband and wife. Everything was perfect, the atmosphere, the music, the beautiful and attentive staff, the food, just stunning. Bridges is also my father in law Terry’s favourite restaurant, and we feel the same. Thank you all so much for making tonight truly special for us. It will remain a fond and special memory in our hearts forever. Love always.

Dean & Rachel | 24 Apr 2015

Everything was perfect. The food was delicious, food nice and smiling service. We will remember the place and recommend it to our friends. Thanks for all.

Farlie Family, France  | 23 Apr 2015

A massive thank you for the excellent service me and my partner received tonight. Excellent in food and the wine was pretty good too. The cheese board on the other hand was spectacular. 10 / 10 for fine dinning.

Chelsea, England | 22 Apr 2015

The service was excellent. All staff were welcoming, gracious and extremely polite. The food was superb and was served with care. Staff asked for feedback during the meal to ensure we were satisfied. All in all a wonderful dinning experience.

Janet, Canada | 20 Apr 2015

In UK we would pay 250.00 Euro for the same food quality/service. We loved our evening at Bridges would recommend to everyone.

Gina, UK | 20 Apr 2015

Amazing! We eloped and got married a few days ago and came here for an impromptu celebration lunch. The food, wine, service & view are all spectacular! Thank you so very much!

Elyshia, Australia | 18 Apr 2015

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