Giving back to the community and celebrating our mothers

Sunday, 12 May 2019

11:00am – 03:00pm

Price Rp. 380K++ pp
Rp. 195K++ for children up to 12-year-old

Mother’s Day Brunch at bridges has become a cherished tradition!

Once a year we celebrate Mother’s Day around the world to appreciate and remember mother figures and mothers, the women who influenced us to become who we are today. Here at bridges, we’ve celebrated this important day for nine consecutive years with a special brunch–our buffet at your table. Sparing you having to get up and go to the buffet, the buffet comes to you! Wayan our Head Chef has created some delicious dishes for the event. Choose tempting Twice-baked Gorgonzola Soufflé or Lavender-infused Beef with Wild Mushrooms as your main. The DIVINE team serves refreshing drinks and great wines to accompany the food.

In keeping with tradition, bridges is dedicating Mother’s Day brunch to Ibu Robin Lim’s foundation Yayasan Bumi Sehat . This year, we will also support Bapak Kadek Siwa Ambara’s Yayasan Taman Permata Hati Bali Orphan Day Center which was founded in 1995.

Reserve your table now for the enticing brunch event accompanied by Yayasan Permata Hati’s Angklung choir, and a breakout performance from our talented team. To maximize donations, there will be a raffle with interesting and very attractive prizes.

If you are unable to attend the brunch event, you can choose to book dinner instead. Order from our Tasting Menus which offer the opportunity to sample a wide range of the delicious dishes from bridges menu.

Of the proceeds, 50% of the profits from brunch sales, 50% of the profits from Dinner Tasting Menu sales and 100% of raffle ticket sales will be donated to the organisations.


Yayasan Bumi Sehat

Ibu Robin Lim is CNN Hero of the Year 2011 who relentlessly works to provide better health care for disadvantaged, pregnant women and to enable natural births in Bali and in Aceh. Ibu Robin was also heavily involved in helping the people in the evacuation camps in Bali during the Mount Agung eruption as well as in the Philippines to support midwives and birthing centers.

Yayasan Taman Permata Hati Bali Orphan Day Center

Ibu Ayu or Mama Ayu is the mother of around 100 children at Yayasan Taman Permata Hati Orphanage Centre since 2013. The organization is an educational day training centre established to nurture children who have suffered the loss of one or both parents. This non profit organization is founded by Bapak Kadek Siwa Ambara in 1995.


Yayasan Taman Permata Hati Bali Orphan Day Center

The Ambar Angklung is divided into two sections of players. The first one called The Ambar Angklung Senior and was formed in 2015 meanwhile the second part is called The Ambar Angklung Junior which was formed in 2018. Yayasan Taman Permata Hati formed these Choir group in order to build children’s confidence as well as a medium for the children to vent their sadness after they lost their beloved parents. The choristers since then has been travelled confidently to perform around Bali in several hotels and restaurants.