Bridging Romance

The Padlocks of Love …now also in Ubud!

Inspired by the love locks ritual spreading around the world, bridges placed a love tree by the old romantic bridge of Tjampuhan. Express your love and make your promise to each other in the beautiful and historical town of Ubud. Order your padlocks engraved with your names minimum 3 days prior and create your romantic evening.


A tradition already popular on some of the most exotic bridges in the world. Express your love by hanging a padlock engraved with your names to our ‘Love Tree’ on the old Tjampuhan bridge.

Love locks started to become very popular in Italy at the bridge of Ponte Milvio in Rome after the film ‘Ho Voglia Di Te’ (‘I Want You’) based on a fictional book by Federico Moccia was made in 2007.

The ritual of attaching love locks to bridges then spread from Italy to France and all over Europe and is now also popular in Asian countries such as China and Korea.

The love padlock is usually affixed to a bridge or a high building by a couple. This act symbolizes their promise to love each other until the end of time and is finalised by throwing away the key.