bridges Bali, Ubud | Bali's best fine dining

Set on seven levels overlooking the gently flowing Wos River, bridges is one of Ubud’s culinary destinations. Ideal spot for memorable dining, a glass of wine with good friends or celebrating romance and to indulge yourself.


We strive to offer best possible culinary experiences in an environment that allows connecting and sharing.

Our objective is to reach excellence.

Our mission is to please our guest’s five senses and to create happiness.


We love our staff! It is like a big family with a magnificent team spirit. The members are mainly Indonesian people from Bali. Under the leadership of Restaurant Manager I Wayan Agus Junaedi and his second-in-command, Ni Wayan Eka Yuliani, the team continues to excel in serving guests with dignity and strives to expand knowledge and improve performance.


Designed and built by Tjokorda Gede Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati (Tjok Ace) in a joint project with his brother Tjokorda Gede Putra Sukawati, the in 1987 opened restaurant was originally named Bridge Café. The multi leveled restaurant has witnessed the growth of Ubud.

In 2008, the restaurant was handed over to the two oldest sons Tjokorda Gede Agung Ichiro Sukawati (Tjok Agung) and Tjokorda Gede Dharma Putra Sukawati, both of whom have graduated from universities abroad.

Under the management of Claude Chouinard, the place was completely redesigned within a period of nine months and opened its doors on 9 December 2010. Since then, bridges welcomes guests from all over the world and has become a first class destination in Bali. It is the perfect location for encounters, for relaxing and also for a little bit of self-indulgence. And it continues to grow – new projects are coming soon, watch this space!


Best outdoor seating of Restaurant Guru 2020
Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2019
Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2018
Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2017
Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2016
Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2015
Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2014
Indonesia Tatler Best Restaurant Award 2018
Indonesia Tatler Best Restaurant Award 2016
Indonesia Tatler Best Restaurant Award 2015
Certificate of Excellence 2019 Winner
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Travelers Choice 2017
Certificate of Excellence 2017 Winner
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